Chapter 132 Of Girlfriend Girlfriend: The Love Mess Deepens! Release Date And Story

True emotions and love triangles clash when Saki makes Naoya’s double-dating antics public. In an unexpected turn, Naoya puts out the notion of polyamory. However, Saki isn’t satisfied with it. Back in the flat, the four of them continue their contentious conversation. Will they be able to sort out this love-related mess? Here is everything you need to know about the narrative and release date for Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132!

Things will start to go apart in Kanojo mo Kanojo Manga the following moment. However, the girls may make it work with Naoya if they so choose. But things aren’t as simple as they first appear. So, read on to learn everything there is to know!

Girlfriend GirlfriendGirlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132: What Will Occur After That?

The Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132’s title has not yet been released. The following chapter begins with Saki, Naoya, Nagisa, and Shino living together in happiness but facing new difficulties. But just as they were certain they understood everything, a fresh issue appears. He believed he had left his ex-girlfriend behind, but Naoya gets a call from her. If he doesn’t come back to her, she says she’ll reveal the truth about their connection and damage Naoya’s reputation.

To resolve the issue and safeguard their friendship, the four of them must work together. Between his love for the three women and his concern over losing everything he has achieved, Naoya struggles. As they search for a solution, tensions mount, and just when they believe they have everything worked out, a new issue surfaces. Saki unearths a sinister fact that Naoya has been hiding from everyone about his history. The four characters are left standing at a decision-making crossroads at the end of the chapter.

Girlfriend GirlfriendA Brief Recap

Beginning Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 131, Saki admitted to being embarrassed. She and Nagisa were both being played by Naoya. To discuss the problem, the four of them went back to their flat. Naoya advised Saki to date two persons if she later develops feelings for someone else. What would ultimately happen to Shino was raised as a result. But she urged people not to fret about her.

When asked if there was a difference between two-timing and three-timing, Saki said that there wasn’t. As a result, Naoya asked Shino to be his girlfriend and admitted his affections for her. Shino gave Naoya a kiss after agreeing. She consequently joined their love triangle as its newest participant. The chapter came to a joyful and exciting conclusion. However, nothing is as perfect as it seems. New commitments and responsibilities accompany a new relationship.

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Girlfriend GirlfriendGirlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132: Launch Date

Naoya has a fresh problem with Saki that needs to be resolved. Only time will tell, though, if he can make his harem function. Fans will in any way support the quartet’s cooperative efforts. They can shortly read the new chapter in the interim. On February 7, 2023, Girlfriend Girlfriend Chapter 132 will be available.