Black Clover manga makes a serialization move, finds its place on Jump GIGA

Black Clover Manga made a very big decision with the release of Chapter 368 and the decision here is that the manga will no longer be available on the weekly release in Weekly Shonen Jump as things are not going as planned for the author Yuki Tabata. In a strong message he shared in the magazine he said that he has been giving his best for the last 8 years but now he can not continue with the same things at the expense of his own.

The manga is already in the final stages as our protagonist Asta has joined his longtime friend and rival Yuno in their battle against Lucius Zogratis who is determined to end the current world and bring a new rule so that he can have things according to him. He wants to create a utopia of his own where anyone can be happy. Also, Asta and Yuno will be competing for the title of the Wizard King. Asta joined the battle at the end of Chapter 368 and will be fighting alongside his Black Bulls squad.


Nacht and Ichika also joined Yami who was struggling against his old ally Morgen. With all this information, the update about the upcoming chapter which is Black Clover Chapter 369 is not known yet. At this moment we only know that the manga series has been moved to another magazine of Jump print which is known as Jump GIGA. About Jump GIGA, this magazine only releases four issues a year and the release date is not decided earlier.

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This means they do not get announced too early or they get released just before some time of the release. This means that the whereabouts of Black Clover 369 are unknown at this time but do not worry on that front as we are here and we will update you on this as soon as we receive anything new about this.

It is also being discussed how much story is remaining in Black Clover as some fans are discussing and comparing it with Gintama when the series moved to Jump GIGA and then ended with 3 or 4 chapters. If Black Clover follows the same pattern we are in the end game now and the story of Asta’s adventures will end soon.

Well, this is all just a speculation at this point as nothing has been announced and said by the officials. The author said in his message that he had been discussing the matter with the editorial department about this change of serialization and this comes as a surprise to many readers but I apologize for not completing it in weekly serialization.

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He said that he would do his best to conclude the story as he would get an ample amount of time to do this now. He asked fans to look forward to the Winter Issue of Jump GIGA where Black Clover manga will be back. He asked for support from the fans and loved Asta and other characters.

Black Clover Chapter 369 Release Date

Black Clover manga has shifted its weekly serialization to JUMP GIGA magazine which releases only four issues a year so there are no fixed release dates for Black Clover 369 but it will be back with Jump GIGA’s Winter Issue. The actual release date is not yet decided but it will be out soon. The decision was taken by the author Yuki Tabata as he could not keep up with the weekly release schedule of Black Clover manga. We will update the release date as soon as we receive any new information about that.

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