Black Clover: The King’s Wizard’s Sword Delayed! A New Timeline Has Been Exposed

The latest COVID-19 epidemic has caused the delay or cancellation of the release of many anime programs. Yet, this is among the most disheartening pieces of news to come in recent memory. A new release date will be set for the highly anticipated Black Clover flick.

Production delays brought on by the latest pandemic problem were announced on the official Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King website on Thursday. In addition, Netflix tweeted the announcement.

On June 16, the film will debut in cinemas and on Netflix.

[Delay in publication notice]

The March 31 (Friday) premiere and global Netflix release of “#Blackclover Magic Emperor’s Sword” have been pushed back to June 16 due to a production delay (Fri.).

Those who preordered tickets can use them at the later premiere, as confirmed by the staff. The first week of the film’s theatrical release, audiences will also be able to pick up a free copy of “Volume 23.5,” which has interviews with the voice actors, character designs, and a short book.

New Black Clover Movie Poster With Revised Date
New Black Clover Movie Poster With Revised Date

The voice actors from the original anime series will be reprising their roles in the movie. The film’s original characters have been given new voices by the following talented actors:

CharacterVoice ArtistOther Works
Conrad LetoToshihiko SekiMuzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Edward AvalachéHōchū ŌtsukaJiraiya (Naruto)
Princia FunnybunnyMiyuki SawashiroKurapika (Hunter × Hunter 2011)
Jester GalandrosFumiya Takahashi
Millie MaxwellMarie IitoyoAi Shindō (City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes)

Here I stand” by Treasure will serve as the film’s main theme.

The protagonist of Black Clover, and his unique talents, set the show apart from other shonen anime. The plot revolved almost entirely around it, but it still managed to throw us off every time. We’re eagerly anticipating the return to action of Asta, Yuno, and the rest of the Black Bulls.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King

Sword of the Wizard King is an original film in the Black Clover series. On June 16th, 2023, it will debut in cinemas and on Netflix.

A new persona, Conrad Leto, will be introduced in the film. All the people in the kingdom loved Leto, the magician king who reigned before Julius, until he turned against the realm and was sealed.

With the “Emperor’s Sword” in his hands and the three most dreaded wizard kings, Edward Avalaché, Princia Funnybunny, and Jester Galandros, on his side, his return will draw Asta and the magic knights into a new conflict.