Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 124 Publication Date: 002 Arrives

Ijin’s tranquil everyday existence is once again under danger, and 002 has come to her aid. Do you think they’ll get into another argument soon? Answers may be found in Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 124.

Keep a look out for the newest statement on the Mercenary Enrollment anime, which has been the subject of some speculation.

Yuna’s confession didn’t go well, so she pouted about it. Knowing that all she can think about is Ijin, Jiyeh throws her a chilly glare.

As a result, Jiyeh inquires about Ijin’s romantic life during Ijin’s work time. Every passenger in the car was waiting for him to respond.

His self-doubt prevented him from caring about romantic prospects. With his response, they were all confused.

Ijin and his sister took their grandfather out to get some apples when he got off work. After enjoying themselves in the store, they were taking their customary stroll back to their residence.

The scene appeared peaceful, but Ijin felt danger from across the street. 002 had found him and traveled all the way to Korea to pay him a visit.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 124

Ijin looked frightened, and he urged his sister to get home soon. She was speechless at the sight of her brother in such a sorry state.

Ijin and 002 advanced together till they reached the main road. 002 made fun of him for his apparent personality shift and asked about his new girlfriend. They exchanged passionate glances.

Cha Dusik, who was also on his way across the street, happened to stop to see what was holding him up. He was taken aback to find Ijin and the other individual giving each other the identical expression.

The idea of moving about was originally put forth by Ijin. Does he intend to fight, or will this be settled with words alone?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 124 Publication Date

Once Ijin abandoned the gang, 002 has harbored resentment for her. He came by himself to see him so that they could work things out, perhaps since Mad Dog is also on the trail of the criminals.

Ijin’s family is now his greatest vulnerability, making it imperative that he surround himself with additional allies. He needs more powerful individuals to guard them.

Without any delay in sight, the official raw scans for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 124 will be uploaded on Naver on Sunday, February 19, 2023. The English scans for the chapter are also released simultaneously by scanlation organizations.

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ijin’s Relation With 002 & 005

Ijin was Recruit No. 982, which means that many other young orphans were smuggled into the camp illegally throughout the years and killed during training or as a result of harsh abuse by both numbered and unnumbered recruits. The CEO of Iron Group claims that they enlisted 1,000 people.

Both Maya and 002 seem older than Ijin did since they were taller than him when he first arrived at Camp and taught him their talents. This will aid in understanding the intricate relationships between Ijin and the two numerals.

In Chapter 97, Maya made her debut (with the digits 005), followed by 002 in following chapters (as explained by 006 in chapter 115).

Maya is first shown rescuing Ijin in Chapter 97, when she helps him stand up after being knocked down by everyone else. In a flashback, Ijin remembers that she was his teacher and elder sister, and he expresses gratitude for her assistance in Chapter 99.

Although 006 (Liamclaim )’s that 002 taught Ijin a great deal, their relationship was probably never “friendly,” as seen in Chapter 115, in which Ijin gets beaten severely by other new recruits at Camp, and 002 does nothing to help him. With her frail constitution, 002 couldn’t believe Ijin was still alive.

As Ijin fears 002 more than any other mercenary, including Mad Dog, it is clear from his memories of the mercenary from Chapter 115 that 002 gave Ijin the roughest experience in the Camp.

When 002 admitted Ijin as his commander in Chapter 115, he also put to death any unnumbered mercenaries in the camp who had called Ijin a traitor. Chapter 120’s events did not deter 002 from his threats towards Ijin, in which he promised to exact revenge on Ijin for betraying the numbers.

Up until Chapter 114, Ijin was the only character to show any signs of worry about 002, and in Chapter 115, he was so focused on 002 that he got punched in a sparring session.

In Chapter 120, Ijin is still thinking about 002 after the ambush, despite the fact that 002 is superior to him in both hand-to-hand combat and knife-to-blade combat.

These developments suggest that Ijin’s relationships with Liam (006), 032 (002), and Maya (005) will advance, since they will be featured more prominently in the plot. Chapter 124 of Mercenary Enlistment will begin with 002’s perspective on events.