Blue Lock Chapter 202: Magazine On Break! Publication Date & Plot

The ultimate objective is being surrounded by a lot of activity. Blue Lock Chapter 202 will be released in accordance with the scheduled date. The next chapter won’t be seen on screens any time soon, though. This is not a result of a chapter break. Instead, it occurs as a result of the manga’s overall hiatus. The ultimate objective was the focus of the final chapter. Fans anticipated a conclusion in the 200th chapter. However, the plot looked to be greatly extending. The new chapter’s essential information is provided below.

The tale of the ultimate objective will be continued in the upcoming chapter, which will conclude it. This week brought a lot of images to make up for the chapter’s delay. Watching what this climax has to offer will be intriguing.

Blue Lock Chapter 202: What Happens Next?

The next chapter’s exact title and specifics of its narrative have not yet been revealed as of the time of writing. It fits with the pause for the holidays. The chapter as well as the entire magazine are taking a rest. So the conclusion of the climax will be the first line of the next chapter. Isagi will either succeed or face the risk of scoring a goal against the world champion.

On the other hand, there’s a risk he won’t be able to achieve the ultimate objective. It will be fascinating to watch how they catch the ball. Noel Noa has formerly played on the field. But his magic hasn’t appeared on any screens yet. There will undoubtedly be some rivals and formidable adversaries in Blue Lock Chapter 202. This objective will show to have a great deal of potential.

Blue Lock Chapter 202

Previous Chapter Summary!

“Without Being Found By Anyone” was the subtitle of Blue Lock Chapter 201. Isagi Yoichi was in an entirely different place when the story began. He had made up his mind that he would do the task by himself. He was pursuing the ball to the finish line with Kaiser. Chigiri Hyoma was also waiting in line; he intended to pursue this objective on his own. Kaiser was immediately removed from the queue.

Isagi was now being followed by Yukimiya as they continued to sprint. And in front of them was the goalie. Yukimiya saw that he had been duped in just one move. Noel Noa, the top player in the world, was his direct rival. The last countdown to the climax was played out in the chapter’s final act.

Blue Lock Chapter 202

Blue Lock Chapter 202: Publication Date

There is a pause in the new one’s release. The majority of the Christmas vacation has already passed. As a result, readers will be able to read the new chapter starting next week. The Blue Lock Chapter 202’s official release date is January 13, 2022. Only the Kodansha official pages will have access to all the chapters for fans.