Blue Lock Chapter 221: Isagi And Kaiser Compete! Launch Date

Blue Lock The next chapter, Chapter 221, is right around the corner, and it will be a wild one. The story centers on a company named “Blue Lock,” which develops football players to become the greatest Japanese squad in history. The show’s numerous entertaining components keep the reader interested. It is a must-read manga that is both magnificent and mind-blowing.

Blue Lock, a 24-volume series with 220 chapters, was written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. Kodansha is the publisher. The following information about upcoming chapters is crucial for fans to be aware of. However, there are some important spoilers for the upcoming chapter, so fans are asked to be cautious. Read on to learn all the pertinent information.

Blue Lock

What Took Place In The Preceding Episode?

Isagi had an opportunity to score in Blue Lock Chapter 220, “Seesaw Game,” but Oliver Aiku prevented him with his fresh meta vision. Fortunately, Yukimiya arrived to aid Isagi and he received the ball from him. But when Don Lorenzo attempted to steal the ball, Michael Kaiser successfully deflected it.

Isagi was astounded by how well Kaiser could read his mind. Kaiser leaped over Sendo Shuto’s attempt to attack him. Aiku obstructed his line of sight, while Aryu Jyubei pressed closer. Kaiser used Kaiser Impact to shoot the ball between Aiku’s legs before kicking it with his bicycle.

Munchen was able to pull ahead of Ubers because to this. Kaiser’s goal stunned everyone, and Isagi praised him as the match’s greatest genius and game-changer.

Blue Lock

What Will Happen In Chapter 221 Of Blue Lock?

Munchen gained the lead after Kaiser’s outstanding goal. Ness was so awestruck that he went to Kaiser and gushed about him to everyone. But Kaiser wasn’t concerned with the outcome. He felt as though Isagi was the sole reason he was successful. He wished he had been able to direct the play.

Kaiser was aware that in order to defeat Isagi in their match, he needed to score more goals. Isagi was considering his future journey and having the same thoughts. Kurona Ranze then yelled for Isagi to help him extend his leg. Isagi also understood that Kurona was harmed since he was attempting to catch up with him.

Blue Lock Chapter 221: Launch Date

On June 13, Blue Lock Chapter 221 will be published. The chapter will be made available in Japan on June 14. The manga will take a weeklong pause after the next chapter. Additionally, readers can read the most recent chapter on Kodansha Weekly Shonen Magazine and buy a paper or digital copy.