Blue Lock Episode 17: Battle Between the Red and White Teams! Publication Date & Spoilers  

In the 16th episode of Blue Lock, Reo and Nagi had their first confrontation since breaking up. Barou’s popularity among fans increased as a result. They now have him on board with Isagi and Nagi. In Blue Lock Episode 17, as the characters begin to play together, the relationships between them will become more apparent to viewers. Naruhaya will be eliminated from Blue Lock at the same time as the other fighters at the conclusion of the match. Who departs Blue Lock and who joins the teams after them is something to look forward to. This concludes our spoiler coverage for the next episode.

Even Isagi eats Naguhaya’s sword. He also had game-winning goals against Naguhaya and Barou. In the next episode, the red squad and the white team will face off in a thrilling contest. As things stand, the red team appears to be in the lead. There is, nevertheless, hope that circumstances may improve shortly. Not only that, but Ego Jinpachi is also plotting something.

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Blue Lock Episode 17: What Happens Next?

Red team members were successful in the previous episode. Episode 17 of Blue Lock will provide light on the predicament the white team finds itself in. It appears like Barou is not making any decisive moves at this time. But if Barou decides to take charge, things may change dramatically. The white team is going to take the early lead. The red squad needs to figure out a strategy to completely overwhelm the blue squad. The next episode will reveal who triumphed in the match.

The following episode will feature a solution developed by Isagi and Nagi as well. In addition, Blue Lock’s new champion will be announced, as chosen by Ego Jinpachi, in the upcoming episode. To that end, he intends to mold Blue Lock into a super-intelligent being. The anime series will also feature a major disclosure involving the genius. Things for Episode 17 will be decided in large part by the number of goals scored in the game.

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Previous Episode Summary!

It’s a Blue Lock The sixteenth episode was titled “Tri-Fusion.” At the outset of this episode, we see Isagi interacting with Barou and Nagi. They’re off to training together as a trio. However, Isagi and Nagi were unable to keep up with Barou’s strenuous training regimen. Concurrently, the JFA representatives meet with Ego Jinpachi and Anri Teieri. The company appears to want Ego Jinpachi to speed up the Blue Lock selecting process. At some point later, Isagi visits the bathhouse where he runs into Kunigami and Chigiri. They say it’s public knowledge that Nagi recruited them to work with him.

Reo, too, had an encounter with Nagi while they are both in the tub. They settle on a contest between the red team (Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami) and the white team (Isagi, Nagi, and Barou). While Aryu and Tokimitsu look for competitors for the fourth stage bout. The chapter progresses to the match proper, as the red team finally figures out how to handle Barou. By episode’s end, the red team is ahead thanks to Chigiri’s goal.

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Blue Lock Episode 17: Official Release

On Feb 5, 2023, at 1:30 am JST, a new episode will be available. The upcoming episode will be available for viewing on Netflix. Whenever there are updates to the release, we will make sure to post them here.