The Beginning After the End Chap 176: A New Danger!  Synopsis and Publication Schedule

When Arthur finds himself pitted against a rival from within his own ranks, he recognizes that this is only the beginning of the war. He investigates the shadowy mysteries that have been dormant for a long time. As the chapter draws to a close, Arthur learns of a dark conspiracy unfolding within the palace. Shockingly, this causes him to embark on a new mission to foil the villain’s schemes. Is he up to the task at hand? The publication date and summary for The Beginning After the End Chapter 176 are provided below.

Possibly the Alacyran ships en route to Dicathen will be the main topic of the next The Beginning After the End manga. When it comes to the new narrative, what mysteries does it hold?

The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End Chap 176:  What Comes Next?

In Chap 176 of The Beginning After The End, Arthur and his men face a formidable obstacle as they get ready to confront an oncoming fleet of ships. Arthur knows that he is no match for such a powerful opponent, and the thought of the lives that could be lost in this attack weighs hard on his mind despite his years of preparation. Because Arthur has just lately learned to appreciate life and the preciousness of his surroundings, this circumstance is particularly ironic for him.

Now, it’s possible that injuries and losses are due to his own acts and inventions. Even though Arthur is having a hard time, he is not alone; one of Arthur’s more senior coworkers has also just experienced personal tragedy. The stress is amplified by the disappearance of his wife, who may have held the key to discovering information about the enemy ships. Meanwhile, the majority of the population is still in the dark about what is really going on behind the scenes. Their anticipation of this impending danger is already clouded by this news.

The Beginning After the End

Quick Review!

The Beginning After The End chap 175 was a huge hit with readers. Virion and Cynthia had been rivals in a war for a long time. Once the fighting stopped, though, they became the best of friends. Cynthia’s ability to lead and motivate others was a strength, and Virion recognized that. As far as he was concerned, she was academy director material. Therefore, Cynthia accepted the challenge and established Xyrus Academy, a school for magi. Likewise, he fashioned Virion into his personal right hand. But there was a raid on the Xyrus Academy. A conflict between two continents had therefore begun.

Cynthia was allegedly cursed by the Alacyrans. As a result, she was under continual surveillance and unable to reveal any information. Two shadowy people showed up to interrogate her. Cynthia died and turned into spikes as the curse was lifted. She was found dead by Lord Virion. Additionally, those who knew Cynthia were shaken by the news of her death. Aurther could not wait to finally meet her.

The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End Chapter 176: Publication Date

Every week, new chapters are posted on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. On Feb 3, 2023, the 176th chapter of The Beginning After the End will be finally out. More details will be included here once they become available. Be sure to return to this page for further updates.