Blue Lock Episode 17: Trial Of Bonds! Publication Date & Plot

Fans got a glimpse of Barou’s ferocity in the most recent episode. He joined his new comrades in training with reluctance. However, the group’s connections would be put to the ultimate test as they went up against former comrades. Reo and Nagi used to be on the same side, but now they’re on different sides of a conflict. This concludes our coverage of the release schedule and narrative details for Episode 17 of Blue Lock.

As soon as Blue Lock returns, readers will witness the beginning of a new conflict. Goals will be stolen by Isagi and Nagi at any costs. Each and every fan will be shocked and intrigued by the replies. But read on to find out all you need to know!

Blue Lock Episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: What Happens Next?

Blue Lock 17 has not yet been given a title. Yet the attention will be on the game that is now being played. Without Barou’s assistance, Isagi and Nagi must figure out a means to score goals on the field. He is not cooperating with them in order to achieve their aims. This is a great opportunity for Isagi to study Barou’s playing style in greater detail. For their advantage, he will find out how to use it. Fans may learn more about Barou and his drive to succeed on the field as the story develops.

Contrarily, the story will center on the compelling interplay between Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami. Thanks to Reo’s superior abilities, Chigiri and Kunigami will be able to execute their plays with more speed and accuracy. They’ll be able to launch much more effective counterattacks as a result. Nagi and Reo’s potential confrontation on the pitch is also a potential story point. Fans of the anime can expect an exciting and action-packed experience thanks to the collaboration and individual skills of the cast and crew.

Blue Lock Episode 17

A Quick Summary!

Blue Lock Episode 16 is titled “Tri-Fusion.” The story was extremely difficult for the protagonists. The stage was set for Isagi and Nagi to hone their abilities. As a result, they started training under the stern guidance of the seasoned Barou. But when they tried to model their practices after his, Isagi saw that Barou’s outlook was less rigid than he had assumed. The rest of the episode was shaped by his revelation that he didn’t care what kind of play resulted to goals as long as he scored.

When they ran across Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami, the scene was set for a defining moment. Tensions were high as this was the first time Nagi and Reo had seen each other since their breakup. In the third stage, Reo’s squad challenged Isagi’s team to a match, and Isagi’s team excitedly agreed. The two teams came up with strategy before the game, but it was Reo’s red squad that ended up dominating. The strain was on Isagi and his squad after Chigiri scored after a brilliant run.

Blue Lock Episode 17

Blue Lock Episode 17: Publication Date

The seventeenth episode of Blue Lock will premiere on February 4, 2023. Television Asahi will broadcast it in Japan, while Crunchyroll will make it available to viewers across the world. Fans in Asia may watch it on Netflix, too. Unfortunately, you can only get this in specific areas. A thrilling episode is coming up, so buckle up.