Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: A New Title Has Been Revealed! Plot & Publication Date

Using his Destruction Charge, Rokan vanquished the monstrous leader Kimothy in the previous chapter. Fans are eagerly anticipating Rokan’s next move. In this universe, those who achieve greatness are recognized with honorific titles. People are waiting with bated breath to learn Rokan’s new job title. In other words, will he have access to any previously unavailable abilities? Learn more about the publication date and content of Chapter 44 of Return of the SSS-class Ranker right here!

Rokan will finish the dwarf’s mission in the next chapter of Return of the SSS-class Ranker.

Now that he’s vanquished Kimothy, his admirers are eagerly anticipating what he’ll do next. Read on to find out what happens in the next chapter!

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: What Happens Next?

Rokan will make good use of his new name “Dwarf’s Friend” in the upcoming chapter. He’s going to have the Dwarf construct 50 long swords for him, and they’ll be ready the following day. The Dwarf also agrees to improve several weapons Rokan has already given him. Once Rokan has finished upgrading the weapons, he takes them to the Third City’s integrated auction house and sells them for three times the going amount.

He also begins to consider farming as a source of raw materials. It’s also likely that he’ll reject the idea of becoming a blacksmith. It takes a long time to become proficient, and it is often regarded as one of the top three most wicked talents. Generally speaking, Rokan is excited for what the future holds and the possibilities his new position as king will offer. He can’t wait to explore what other benefits the Lords’ world has in store for him.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44

A Quick Summary!

Chapter 44 of “Return of the SSS-class Ranker” began underground. Rokan had shifted his focus to the Mine Kobolds with the goal of acquiring 50 blue minerals. His goals weren’t limited to just getting the job done. The daring warrior knew that the dwarves would give him a unique present if he succeeded in the hunt beyond their wildest dreams. Rokan gladly embarked on his task, greed propelling him ahead.

He swung his axe viciously at the Kobolds, carefully snatching up the blue minerals they were guarding. As he made his way toward the boss monster area, he looked around cautiously, assessing the situation and the monster horde that stood in his way. Rokan, however, was not easily deterred, and he came up with a crafty strategy. He quietly entered and quickly escaped with the mineral wagon, leaving the boss monster and its henchmen hard on his tail. Rokan put his abilities to the test as the boss monster chased after him.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44

In an effort to avoid detection, he disappeared into the darkness. Rokan tried to trick the big monster, but the creature soon got wind of his presence. Rokan, unfazed, used a critical strike from his new combo talent Destruction Charge, which combines two of his strongest abilities. Rokan emerged triumphant, pulling a cart loaded of blue minerals, after quickly dispatching the boss monster with a few well-placed blows.

Return Of The SSS-Class Ranker Chapter 44: Publication Date

Each week, you may read the latest installment of this webcomic. On February 10, 2023, readers may anticipate the release of Chapter 44 of Return of the SSS-class Ranker. A specific release date has not been announced, though. Please revisit this page for more updates.