Can South Terano handle Draken in Tokyo Revengers?

South Terano, who stands a colossal 210 cm tall, is undeniably one of Tokyo Revengers’ most formidable players. In the twinkling of an eye, he took out opponents like Waka, Benkei, and many more, leaving a lasting effect on manga fans.

The question is whether or not Draken, Mikey’s close buddy and Toman’s vice leader, can be defeated by Rokuhara Tandai’s greatest fighter?

In comparison to Draken, South is undeniably more powerful. Draken struggled to keep up with South throughout the Three Deities arc. In addition, he will be annihilated if South transforms into Dark Impulse, a form that only Mikey has been able to defeat thus far in the series.

Determine if Prime Draken can defeat Dark-Impulse South by comparing their strengths to those of other characters.

Beware of SPOILERS!

Spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga are included on this page.

How powerful is South Terano?

Not much of South Terano is shown to us in Tokyo Revengers. In the few bouts he does take part in during the Three Deities arc, though, South Terano puts on a remarkable exhibition of might.

His ripped physique gives him a significant edge. At the age of 12, he shows his physical power by taking over Dino’s gang, Dino South. He makes his first appearance in the manga by hurling Inui towards Draken and Takemichi.

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Only sudden assaults can temporarily overcome him. Senju’s extraordinary reflexes and speed first stun him, allowing her to knock him unconscious with a blow. A while later, though, he gets up from the knockdown he had from her punch and beats her.

When he gives in to his dark impulses, South is more powerful than any other character. The fact that Dark Impulse Mikey was able to kill him indicates how much weaker he is. When compared to the other members of Tokyo Revengers, he is clearly the second strongest fighter.

How powerful is Draken?

Draken’s rise to the position of Vice Leader of Toman attests to his natural prowess in battle. Although he does not accomplish anything during the series, his boundless strength and stamina are on full display in every bout.

He takes on and defeats roughly 20 Valhalla members all by himself, even after being struck in the head with a metal pipe. Even after South unleashes a flurry of fatal punches on him, he bounces back quickly.

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Draken’s prowess in combat is also no laughing matter. While Mikey was engaged killing Taiju with a single bullet, Draken quickly wiped off a hundred or more Black Dragon soldiers.

A comparison of Draken’s power level to that of other characters is required, however, if we are to determine his true strength.

Draken was able to block South’s blows, and he even kicked his larger opponent so hard that he nearly knocked him over. His strength surpasses that of South’s foes, then. Waka, Benkei, Kakucho, and even Senju, the leader of the Brahman, are among those who have been implicated.

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Dark-Impulse South versus Prime Draken: Who wins?

However, outside forces intervened in the Three Deities arc’s Draken and South conflict. Fans, however, continue to debate whether or not Prime Draken can defeat South Terano.

Draken was powerful during the time of the Battle of the Three Deities, but he wasn’t using his full capacity at the time. During this arc, we learn that Draken is no longer interested in being a part of the gang lifestyle and has retired from the gangs.

The Draken in question had obviously been fighting for a while and was starting to feel a bit rusty. After all, it had been over two years since he’d last battled. Nevertheless, he was still able to take South’s brutality.

In his time with Toman, Draken reached his full potential. A Draken like this might easily break Hanma’s defenses. As an added bonus, he was capable of fighting off multiple powerful Black Dragon gang members at once.

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Suppose Prime Draken and Dark Impulse South engage in battle; what will happen then? Can he pull off a victory?

When pitted against Mikey in his original form, even a prime Draken has a hard time competing. For its part, Dark Impulse South was able to stave off Dark Impulse Mikey’s attacks for a while. This demonstrates that Prime Draken can put up a good fight against South, but he ultimately won’t be able to hold off Dark Impulse South for too long.

Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui has created the manga Tokyo Revengers. It first appeared in print on March 1, 2017, in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine, and ran through November 20, 2022. There are thirty tankobon volumes of it.

The protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, finds out that his one and only middle school ex-girlfriend was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. When others learned what had happened, they shoved Takemichi off the train station.

When he landed on the tracks, he closed his eyes in resignation to death; when he opened them again, he found himself 12 years in the past.