Chainsaw Man Chapter 120: What Just Occurred? Publication Date & More

It’s likely that fans will have to wait a long time for the next installment. The most current installment just came out, and there will be a long wait before the next one. The next scheduled adventure is the 120th chapter of Chainsaw Man. The final section was quite lighthearted and humorous. However, the plot abruptly became violent in the end. The narrative that follows raises numerous questions that must be resolved. So without further ado, let me quickly run over the essentials of the following section.

In the forthcoming plot, Nayuta and Denji will have their conversation after a drawn-out battle. Like the audience, Denji has no idea what’s going on. At the same time, Asa, Yoru, Makima, and Nayuta entered the narrative. But what does this actually imply, behind it all? The solutions can only be revealed through time.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 120

Chainsaw Man Chapter 120: What Happens Next?

The next chapter’s title and storyline summary are currently unknown to the general public. However, the preceding chapter’s climax brought up some intriguing topics for discussion. Denji’s overanalytical mind went into overdrive when he learned that Asa had always disliked him. And at this point, he has no choice except to take her word for all she says. He looked around and realized he was in Yoru, not Asa.

After this, a peculiar event occurred. As everything worked out, Denji and Yoru kissed. And Nayuta showed there in the end to put a stop to the woman. When everything is explained in Chapter 120 of Chainsaw Man, the tale will be perfect. There are many details that escaped Denji’s attention. A frustrated Asa was the end result of his haphazard rulemaking. When Yoru emerged, where did the real Asa go? The solution will be revealed in the subsequent performance.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 120

An earlier scene will feature a battle between Denji and Nayuta. Denji wouldn’t stop moving until he’d taken and given several hits himself. Denji has been greeted by every woman he has ever dated. It’s still unclear, though, what this act’s additional significance is.

Previous Chapter Summary!

“Thief” is the name of Chapter 119 in Chainsaw Man. The two protagonists, Asa and Denji, first appear when they arrive at the office. He responded by telling her to avoid the front entrance and any others. There was no mention of why this was the case. They agreed to watch some movies together before starting the session. He went on to explain the second and third regulations to me afterwards. Asa promised she would stop breaking the rules immediately.

Thirdly, he couldn’t make out in front of his roommate. This regulation instantly irritated Asa. She stated categorically that she would never do anything of the like. But then Denji revealed that she was the one who had initially invited him out on a date. The best she could say about him later was that she despised him. The topic of discussion returns to the film.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 120

Nonetheless, her declaration of hatred for him led him to suspect that she had only been exploiting him. And it was this that caused him to analyze the matter excessively. However, Denji noticed a strange canine odor in the air. While turning to inquire of Asa, he noticed Yoru staring directly at him. She and Denji exchanged a passionate kiss in the chapter’s last act. At long last, Nayuta arrived at the residence to shoot Yoru in the head.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 120: Publication Date

The next CSM release date has been marked on the Viz Media calendar. As a result, look for the subsequent one in a week. The chapter will focus largely on the muddle that has already been established. There is now no respite from this one. Chapter 120 of Chainsaw Man will be the last to be published, on February 15, 2023. You can only find the latest chapters of the manga on the official Viz media, Shonen, and MangaPlus websites.