Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: Dual Assaults! Publication Date & Plot

CSM’s newest chapter has just been released, and readers can’t wait for what comes next. One thing that has been very evident from all the news regarding the new one is that it will not be released for at least another two weeks. As a result, there will be a pause until the next chapter of Chainsaw Man. Asa stumbles into a deceased middle-aged guy in the last chapter. But now Yoru is responsible for protecting her. Here’s the skinny on the next one without wasting too much of your time.

The next step in Denji’s plan will be revealed in the next one. The young man will defend Asa with all his might. Yet they’re holding firm over the obstacle of developing romantic feelings for one another. How these two handle this unusual situation will be fascinating to observe.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: What Happens Next?

A new one is coming out, but neither the title nor any specifics about the narrative have been released to the general public just yet. Seeing raw scans and preliminary writings for CSM chapters, however, is an extremely unusual occurrence. At this point, the last person to see the body of a middle-aged guy outside Asa’s home is the one who witnessed it. Rapidly assessing the situation, Yoru emerged from the building. This riddle, however, has not yet been unwound. Yoru’s investigation of the corpse will begin in earnest at the start of Chainsaw Man Chapter 122.

Resurrection of the dead is nothing new in the realm of CSM. Because of this, this middle-aged man might possibly be a set up to endanger Asa. This is a unique opportunity to witness Yoru’s abilities up close. Denji is experiencing the want to be a hero rather than just a warrior for one of the first times in his life. This means he has a fighting chance of being admitted under optimal conditions. It will be intriguing to watch where the next chapter of this narrative goes.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

Supporters may look forward to a later showdown between Denji and the corpse. Eventually, the devil will show up. It’s forbidden for Asa and Denji to develop romantic feelings for one another. As a result of this circumstance, a grisly narrative now has a surprising turn. Involvement of romantic interest, hopefully? These questions can only be answered in due time.

Previous Chapter Summary!

Chainsaw Man’s Chapter 121 is titled “Theory of Happiness”. In the opening scene, Asa and Yoshida are shown entering the Devil Hunter’s Club. They all met in the council room for a caffeinated beverage. Asa wondered why Yoshida was spending so much time with her, yet he was baffled by his actions. The Devil Hunting Club was a busy organization to be a part of. Asa’s request for personal time was, thus, a lucrative venture. She realizes afterwards that he must have had feelings for the girl.

She began absorbing cues from everything said throughout the dialogue. She was almost sure the kid had something special in store for her. Eventually, though, they had to have a talk, and he claimed that he was only attempting to keep him away from Denji without offering any explanation. After that, we go to Denji and Nayuta’s residence for the following section of the chapter. We can observe that Nayuta was indeed having a demonic encounter in this passage.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

Does this demon have plans to strike the pair?

However, she was far too sluggish to get up and resist. Thus, she approached Denji and requested that he investigate. They begin talking to one another shortly after and soon enough the subject of love comes up. Denji says he has lost interest in romantic partnerships. The disagreement he had with Asa was the driving force. Nayuta, however, assures him that, as the Chainsaw Man, he will be showered with adoration from the general public. Asa is revisited in the chapter’s last section. The girl’s love enchantment has returned.

A middle-aged guy was found dead on the street as she was returning home. As a result of Yoru’s perceptiveness, she was cautioned to avoid the circumstance. It’s unclear, though, if the boy would genuinely be up for facing this monster in the event that it materializes. As you might expect, the resolution to this riddle was left for the storyline of the following one.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122

Chainsaw Man Chapter 122: Publication Date

There will be no fresh episodes released by the creators in the first two weeks. As this is the case, the next one will be available soon. On March 8, 2023, the final installment of Chainsaw Man will be published. There might be other lulls in the schedule in the future. The three major Japanese manga publishers are Viz Media, MangaPlus, and Shonen. In light of this, please read this section regularly, since it will contain all the latest information.