Transcension Academy Chapter 50: Misplaced in the Unknown! Plot & Publication Date

As Seo finds the academy’s sinister secrets, he will have to take a side

Mi-Young revealed to Seo in the prior chapter that some pupils had mysteriously vanished from the institution. They were last spotted going inside a restricted part of the school. And nobody had heard from them after that. Seo was devastated when he learned that the missing pupils belonged to the same organization he had been looking into. Whether or not they were in danger depended on him. If you’ve been wondering when Chapter 50 of Transcension Academy would be released and what will happen in it, look no further!

When we meet again, many of the academy’s deepest, darkest secrets will be exposed. The implications of this on Seo’s attitude toward academia are unclear. Will he ignore the hidden goings-on at the academy? Or maybe he’ll decide to help take on the world’s fake heroes. If you want to know more, read on!

Transcension Academy Chapter 50

Transcension Academy Chapter 50: What Happens Next?

Chapter 50 of Transcension Academy shows that Seo’s conversation with the Dark Saint leaves him with many unanswered issues. Shortly later, he finds out that several pupils, including the ones he’s been looking into, have vanished from the institution. Seo and his companion Mi-Young will go looking for them, but they’ll run into trouble and learn the academy’s deadly truth.

Seo will have to decide whether to ignore the threat posed by fake heroes or to take action to stop them. With his newfound information weighing heavily on his shoulders, Seo will decide to stand up to the fake heroes. He will start reaching out to others who share his views and can aid him in learning the truth about the academy’s hidden agenda. Meanwhile, the institution will be in uproar at the missing kids’ absence. In order to keep ahead of the competition, Seo will realize that the next few days are crucial.

Transcension Academy Chapter 50

A Quick Summary!

Seo encountered the famed Dark Saint in Transcension Academy Chapter 49. Although many students and faculty members knew about the enigmatic individual, few had ever met him. Despite his disguised look, Seo recognized him immediately. The Dark Saint said that Seo was hanging out with bad people. In the end, the Dark Saint accepted Seo’s defense. Seo was still perplexed by the man’s apparent interest in him and his business.

The Dark Saint admitted he no longer believed in the saviors who claimed to be protecting humanity. He saw them as con artists who lied their way to success. But, the planet was put in jeopardy as a result of these so-called heroes. With the Dark Saint’s comments, Seo began to suspect he was involved in a broader war. The heroes he had looked up to had him wondering about their motivations and he was unsure of his own place in the upcoming conflict.

Transcension Academy Chapter 50

Transcension Academy Chapter 50: Publication Date

The next episode will be available on Webtoon as soon as possible, so fans won’t have to wait long. Updates to the manhwa occur on a weekly basis. Chapter 50 of Transcension Academy will be released on February 28, 2023. Please revisit this page for more updates.