Chapter 1086 of “One Piece” Shows How Sabo Was Able To Survive The Attack On Lulusia.

Since Sabo came back to life in “One Piece Chapter 1082,” we have been following his story for the last four chapters. Also, he brought people from the Lulusia Kingdom, which Imu had wiped off the map and out of history.

Before, Imu had shown himself, which shocked Cobra. Finally, the truth about the Empty Throne was out. Cobra asked the Five Elders why Lili wasn’t in the records and what the meaning of “D.” was. Imu told Cobra that people with that name were once against him.

Nefertari Cobra with Five Elders and Imu on the Throne

In Chapter 1086, we learned more about how Sabo managed to stay alive after the Lulusia Kingdom was destroyed. Even though it was already clear that he wasn’t on the island, this chapter gives more details that show how lucky he was to stay alive.

Forcing Cobra to reveal Lili’s full name i.e. “Nefertari D. Lili”, Imu attacks Cobra. Sabo tries to run away with him, but he stays behind and dies at the hands of Imu. He tells Sabo to tell Luffy and Vivi everything he saw and that the Nefertari Family is also called “D.”

In the present, Sabo tells his friends Dragon and Ivankov that when he got to Lulusia, people were happy to see him. When people heard that he had killed Cobra, they became more likely to rebel. King Seki and Komane were taken into custody, and many people wanted to join the Revolutionary Army.

Imu and the Five Elders Attack Sabo

These people joined Sabo as he was getting ready to set sail. He couldn’t get in touch with Dragon because he couldn’t find a Den Den Mushi encryption. Instead, he decided to call while he was sailing away, rerouting the call through the island.

The World Government thought that Sabo was on the island at the time because of this. Sabo was talking to Dragon when Imu attacked, which made it seem like he was killed in the destruction.

Lulusia Island Destroyed by Imu

Ivankov says that King Cobra did the same thing when he saw Imu, which is interesting. Also, the fact that the being has the same name as one of the First Twenty makes him suspicious. This also led to two theories. One was that Imu has been alive for 800 years because of a procedure that keeps people young forever.

The second idea was that the weapon that destroyed Lulusia was in the hands of the government and may have been made by Vegapunk. If Vegapunk didn’t make it, it must be an old weapon that has been around for a long time. This could have something to do with how long Imu has been around.

After Oda gets better from his eye surgery, the manga will come back in July. I do think that Sabo’s story will go on and that he will find Luffy and Vivi, or at least one of them. The fact that Saint Figarland Garling showed up is also a sign that the Holy Knights might move soon.

Imu wants to get Lili’s letter, so he’s thinking about getting Vivi back, which should be the main point of the manga right now. Time will tell if Sabo or Imu get to her and find out what the letter says first.

One Piece

The One Piece manga series is written and illustrated in Japan by Eiichiro Oda. It has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The Pirate King is named Gol D. Roger. The only other person who has everything in the world is him. His final words at the tower of death were, “My treasures?” If you’d like it, I’ll give it to you. I left everything there, so look there for it. Many people went to the seas in search of One Piece as they followed their dreams. The Grand Line was their destination. Hence, a new era began!

In search of One Piece, young Monkey D. Luffy also travels to the Grand Line. He aspires to be the world’s greatest pirate. His crew consists of a cyborg shipwright, a swordsman, a marksman, a navigator, a cook, a doctor, and an archaeologist. This will be a memorable experience.