Chapter 143 of the Second Life Ranker: The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone! Details on When It Will Be Released and What It Will Be About

For the time being, Ranker Chapter 143 in Second Life will not be updated. However, I must share some extremely important information. Yeon Woo was at a juncture, considering his options for protecting his niece Seisha. The Gods and Demons of the 98th floor took notice of Yeon Woo as he began training in the ability of God’s Blessing. Yeon Woo, however, didn’t accept any of their presents, much to their dismay. What, if any, consequences might arise? Learn everything you need to know about the storyline and release date of Second Life Ranker Chapter 143 right here.

Chapter 143 of Second Life Ranker features Yeon Woo’s continued efforts to rescue Seisha. To do so, he must locate the necessary components of the philosopher’s stone. Yeon Woo was fortunate to find a good fit for the position. Accordingly, read on to learn more about this individual.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 143: What To Expect?

Yeon Woo will run into a witch named Anastasia in the upcoming chapter. Victoria learned from her. Yeon Woo is under the impression that her rune magic is a vital component of the philosopher’s stone. He plans to enlist her assistance in achieving his goals. However, the future will not go according to his plans. In terms of her employees, Anastasia is very picky. Yeon Woo must make her a suitable offer.

However, the 98th floor’s Gods and Demons were not happy with Yeon Woo’s choice. The gods are becoming angry. That person’s superiors want him or her to work for them. But it seems to have no effect on Yeon Woo. That’s why both God and the demons are plotting their next moves while they wait to see who he picks. His decision may anger various deities. It will be fascinating to see how Yeon Woo responds to the tension here.


A Quick Summary

The 12 Zodiac room’s portal to Second Life Ranker Chapter 142 unlocked. The guardian entrusted Yeon Woo with a look at what the Gods had requested. Yeon Woo was shocked to learn that so many gods were considering him. The Agares, who had previously hurt Seisha, now wished him well. But for the time being, Yeon has decided to hold off on bestowing her blessings.

He went to visit Henova at this time to discuss the Philosopher’s Stone with her. Only that item, and nothing else, stood a chance of saving Seisha. Henova instructed him to find Anastasia. Her rune magic could possibly help her accomplish this. Fortunately, he ran into her at a party hosted by his friend Edora. Thus, the final words of the chapter.


Second Life Ranker Chapter 143: Date of Publication

Anastasia’s knowledge of the philosopher’s stone will be revealed in this chapter. We apologize for the delay in the release of this latest chapter. For health reasons, the author must take a two-week break. On January 6th, 2023, you can read the 143rd chapter of Second Life Ranker. Visit the official Naver, Webtoon, or Kakaopage pages to read all the chapters at once.