Chapter 361 of “Black Clover”: The True Power of Zogratis is Shown by Lucius

When Yuno killed Lucius Zogratis in Chapter 360 of the “Black Clover” manga, everyone stopped for a moment. Yuno not only kept up with Lucius’s moves, but he also made Lucius show signs of fear. None of his ideas about what would happen were right.

Asta was still in the Land of the Sun, so this didn’t feel like much of a big deal. We all thought that Yuno beat Lucius after reading the whole chapter. Still, we thought there was more to come, and Chapter 361 proved that.

In the first few pages of Chapter 361 of “Black Clover,” it was clear that Lucius was still alive. It also showed Lucius’s other skill, which is a back-up plan for his plan to be the last Wizard King and rule the world.

Black Clover Chapter 361
Lucius Zogratis Wants to Rule the World

Yuno looks at a hurt Lucius and says that he has won. He stops the attack when he senses another Lucius coming. Yuno is confused by what he sees and wants to know what happened and why there are two bodies.

Then Lucius says that he uses soul magic, body magic, blood magic, and bone magic at the moment. This has made it possible for him to make many copies of himself. His siblings, Dante, Vanica, and Zenon, each had body magic, blood magic, and bone magic.

We still don’t know how much power Lucius has, even though the devil Astaroth and the heart of Lucifero have given him power. When the clones showed up, the magic warriors seemed to have lost all hope.

Witches using The Door of Fate to Reach Asta

Not everyone has already given up on the fight. Noelle keeps fighting while the other Black Bulls try to get in touch with the Witch Queen. They plan to talk to Asta, who is also getting ready for battle and may be leaving.

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Since Chapter 331, when Lucius first showed up, things have gotten a lot worse. In almost every chapter, a new secret or scary event was revealed. Out of the three popular shonen manga with a war going on, “Black Clover” has always kept us all on our toes. Are we on the same page?

Black Clover

Yki Tabata creates the Japanese manga series Black Clover. Since February 16, 2015, you can read it in weekly installments in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine.

The plot revolves around Asta, a young boy who was apparently born without any magical abilities, an anomaly in the world in which he lives, and Yuno, Asta’s foster brother, who was given the rare four-leaf grimoire and possesses more magical abilities than most people. Asta wants to take the throne as Wizard King with the help of his fellow Black Bulls mages.