Mashle Episode 9: Date of Arrival, Time, Plot and Where to Watch Online!

Mash and his friends are in trouble now because in Mashle Episode 9, they will be fighting higher-level Magia Lupus members. So far, the job has been easy because they’ve only had to fight lower-level members.

In the last episode, we saw that members of Magia Lupus were going after students one by one with gold coins. Then we saw that Lemon told Mash and others that Lance was in the nurse’s room, and they found out that many students had lost their magical powers at the same time. Magia Lupus is thought to be the one who did this.

Mashle Episode 9
Mashle Episode 9

In the middle of the night, Lemon went somewhere, and Mash and others followed her into a trap set by members of Magia Lupus. We also found out that some well-known criminals had escaped from prison. After Dot beats the guy who came because third fang asked him to, there will be three fights going on at the same time with Magia Lupus members.

Mashle Episode 9: Date of Arrival

Japanese Time says that Episode 9 of Mashle will come out on June 9, 2023, at midnight. The series will be shown on Japanese TV and on streaming services at the same time. Check out the sites below to watch Mashle anime online.

Mashle Episode 9 Release Date9th June 2023

Mashle Episode 9: Release Time

Mashle Episode 9 will come out at midnight JST (Japanese Standard Time), and you can watch it in different places at the times listed in the table below.

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Eastern Release Time11:00 p.m. ET
Central Release Time10:00 a.m. CT
Pacific Release Time8:00 a.m. PT
Indian Release Time8:30 PM IST

Mashle Episode 9: Where to Watch Online?

Depending on where you live, you can watch Mashle Episode 9 on different streaming services. Here are a few of them, which you can use to watch Mashle anime.

TerritoriesStreaming Service
South and Southeast AsiaAni One
Worldwide excluding AsiaCrunchyroll
South KoreaAniplus TV

Mashle Episode 8: Summary

In the prior episode, we saw Magia Lupus systematically attack any student in the school in possession of gold coins. When Mash and the gang found out from Lemon that their senior Lance had been admitted to the hospital, they were shocked to find out that he wasn’t the only one.

For a while, Lance couldn’t access his magical abilities. Because Lemon cares about Mash, she gave him a memento to help him remember to stay out of trouble. They didn’t want to be left behind, so later that night they banded together to go gold coin hunting.

They saw that Lemon was being led like a puppet. They had to walk for quite some time before they came across a magically locked gate. Dot attempted to open it, but it was eventually pried open by Mash’s brute strength. When they went inside, they found the trouble waiting for them.

Mashle Episode 9
Mashle Episode 9

Third fang had asked for a fighter to be waiting for them in an old room with a battle room. When the gate opened, there was a fighter there. Lance tried to move forward, but Dot said he would fight him. Dot said that he doesn’t like guys with good faces, which is why he plans to beat him.

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The other guy seemed to be full of himself and couldn’t see through Dot’s attack, so Dot was able to beat him with some powerful moves. After that, everyone split up and went into their own rooms. Now, they will fight against different people.

Lance will have to fight Magia Lupus’s third fang. Dot and Finn will fight Magia Lupus’s fourth and fifth fangs, while Mash will go up against Magia Lupus’s second fang. Second Fang is the same person that Lance and Mash met before.

“Mashle: Magic and Muscles“: Plot

The story takes place in a world where magic is very common and most people can do it. But Mash Burnedead, the main character of the manga series, is an exception. He didn’t have any magical powers when he was born, but he is very strong, so he can fight supernatural creatures and enemies that come his way.

Because he can use magic, he doesn’t fit in with other people, but Mash is determined to get into the prestigious Easton Magic Academy. The academy is a magic school for people who use magic. Only people with magical powers are allowed to go there. Mash sees this as a chance to learn magic, get stronger, and become the best magician in the world, which is his dream.

Mash gets to his goal by sneaking into the academy by pretending to be a powerful magic user student. Soon, he makes friends with his classmate Lance, who is kind and interested, Inio, who is shy and quiet, and Milza, who is outgoing and competitive. Mash also makes enemies out of “The Seven Stars,” a group of strong students.

The series shows Mash’s daily life at the academy, including his struggles to fit in with other students who have magic and his constant efforts to hide the fact that he doesn’t have magic. Mash has to deal with a lot of problems on his journey, such as hard tests, dangerous creatures, and rival students who are trying to find out his secret.

The mix of magic and physical strength is a unique part of the manga series. Mash’s great strength and fighting skills often make up for the fact that he can’t use magic. This lets him fight magic users. There are also action scenes, funny parts, and interesting characters that make the series worth reading.

In conclusion, “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” is a popular manga series that tells the exciting story of a character who isn’t the best at anything but is determined and strong enough to get through life’s challenges. The mix of fantasy, action, and comedy in the story keeps readers interested and amused the whole time.

Hajime Komoto writes and draws the Mashle manga series. This is his first manga ever. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest news about Mashle Episode 9. Check out the latest news and spoilers about anime and manga.