Counter Strike 2 closed beta will bring shorter matches and new ranking

Valve announced the closed beta for Counter-Strike 2 earlier this year. This test was limited to a select few players based on specific criteria.

A new update to Counter-Strike 2 brings a ranking system, a change in map length, and a reworked and updated map Inferno. The developers are also opening the limited closed beta to a broader player group from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players pool.

The most noticeable change is to the ranking system. The all-new Counter-Strike Rating determines where players stand, both concerning global and regional leaderboards, refreshing with each competitive season.

These ratings are only applicable in the Premier Mode. This is expected to be the focus mode for competitive modes in Counter-Strike 2.

A separate rating for non-competitive modes will ensure that casual play does not affect competitive modes. The non-competitive ranking is applicable on a per-map basis in Counter-Strike 2.

The number of rounds in competitive matches has also changed from 30 to 24. The developers mentioned this has been done to keep “economy and weapon balance” and to “trim the fat and reduce the number of uncontested rounds in a match of CS.”

The devs mentioned that shorter rounds mean players can play more often, resulting in a higher footfall in the game. There will also be a six-round overtime in the event of a tie-game, particularly in the Premier, Competitive, and Major Modes.

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Valve is also introducing as many players as possible to the “Limited Testing” of Counter-Strike 2. The only eligibility criteria are that the players should have CS: GO Prime Status, an active CS: GO competitive skill ranking, and be involved in one of the regions where the testing is live.

All the players have to do is check in on Steam and see if Steam automatically begins updating CS: GO. These changes will be marking a new era in Counter-Strike, ensuring that players have a unique environment to compete in after years.

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