Darkest Implications In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the darkest implications in My Hero Academia.

Eri Was Tortured By ChisakiEri Was Tortured By Chisaki

When fans first meet Eri, she is a 6-year-old girl who is under the care of Kai Chisaki. Later it was revealed she was in an abusive situation. In her first appearance, her arms are covered in bandages. She appears fearful of Chisaki despite ultimately returning with him under threat.

While it becomes clear that Chisaki was performing experiments on Eri. He used her blood to harness the abilities of her Quirk, but the extent of her abuse was never fully disclosed. Fans may never know the full story of Eri’s torture under Chisaki’s care.

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Sir Nighteye Saw Dark FuturesSir Nighteye Saw Dark Futures

Sir Nighteye’s Quirk, Foresight, allowed him to see into someone’s entire future just by touching them and looking them in the eye. It made him an impressive hero, as he was often able to predict villains’ movements. However, being able to see into someone’s future is both a gift and a curse.

Fans know Sir Nighteye had already seen All Might’s future death. A burden that weighed on him while they were working together. This also means that he had likely seen the future death of many heroes and loved ones.

People Are Forced Into Quirk MarriagesPeople Are Forced Into Quirk Marriages

As discussed in the series, forced and arranged Quirk marriages are prevalent in My Hero Academia’s universe. This is best seen through the Todoroki family. Enji seems to have forced Rei to marry him for the sake of creating children with superior Quirks.

It’s unknown how many other arranged and forced marriages there are. It certainly opens the door to a realm of dark possibilities involving creating children with specialized Quirks. This would imply that there may be a trafficking ring based on producing children with optimal Quirks.

Being A Hero Is Closer To A BusinessBeing A Hero Is Closer To A Business

In a society where heroes are paid by sponsors and the government to protect people, there is sufficient room for corruption to happen. In My Hero Academia, it’s apparent that being a hero is a job and a business.

While there are many heroes who perform hero work for the right reasons. There are likely just as many heroes doing it for the wrong reasons. Fans only get glimpses of the selfish side of being a hero, but it’s likely that many heroes are only doing it for the money.

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Stain’s Ideology Wasn’t Necessarily WrongStain's Ideology Wasn't Necessarily Wrong

While the anti-hero Stain went about his ideology in the wrong way, it’s not wrong to say he had the right idea. At his core, Stain believed that it was wrong for people to become heroes simply for fame and money.

Still, My Hero Academia seems to frame his thinking as wrong, with his ideology being shown as a controversy rather than a truth. Instead, it’s concerning that more people didn’t agree with his ideology and beliefs — minus the murder, of course.