One Piece’s Saddest Deaths

Here is everything you need to know about One Piece’s saddest deaths.


Pedro was a Mink who volunteered to accompany the Straw Hat Pirates in their bid to save Sanji from the Big Mom Pirates. He partnered up with Brook to steal the Big Mom Pirates’ Ponegliff, and they did succeed. The problem, however, was when they were trying to escape.

Perospero, Big Mom’s eldest son, managed to corner the group. That was when Pedro decided to sacrifice himself. He strapped himself with explosives and detonated them. It was through this sacrifice that the group got an opportunity to flee. The only reason Pedro’s death wasn’t as impactful is that Pedro hadn’t spent long with the Straw Hats.

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Yasuie’s greatest sacrifice was when the Red Scabbards finally returned to Wano. They were setting up their planned revolt with the help of the pirates and the Minks, but Orochi managed to get wind of their plans.

Yasuie decided to take the blame and brush it off as a childish prank. While his efforts allowed the plan to come to fruition, he lost his life in the process. To make matters worse, his constituents couldn’t even shed tears for him due to the effects of the SMILEs. Instead of crying, they were laughing at his tragedy.


When the Arlong Pirates first arrived at Cocoyashi Village, they demanded the villagers pay for their lives. Adults were told to pay 100,000 Berry for their lives, while each child would have to pay 50,000 Berry.

Even at that time, Belle-Mère was already strapped for money. She only had 100,000 Berry, and she could have gotten away with her life should she have given in to Arlong’s demands. However, Belle-Mère couldn’t bring it upon herself to deny the fact that she was Nami and Nojiko’s mother, albeit in name only. As a result, Arlong took her life.


Corazon might have acted like he hated children, but it was far from reality. He was only acting cruelly in the hopes of driving the said kids away from following his evil brother. Corazon exemplified that in his last moments.

He kidnapped Law and searched for a way to cure his white lead disease. They hopped hospitals to no avail. When Doflamingo eventually catches up to them, Corazon sacrifices himself in order to let Law escape while also making sure to cure the boy’s sickness.

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When Ace was captured by the Marines, Luffy went through hell and high waters in order to save him. The entire fandom witnessed what Luffy had to go through for the sake of his brother.

That being said, the entire fandom rooted for Luffy to succeed and eventually cheered as Luffy freed Ace. However, what happened next stirred the fans’ emotions negatively. After all, seeing Ace lose his life a few moments away from freedom was devastating at the very least.