Demonic Evolution Chapter 44 Release Date, Raw Scans

The story of Demonic Evolution is about the strongest fighter named “ANG” who was once proclaimed as the strongest warrior of humanity, the savior and spearhead against the demons. Demonic Evolution chapter 44 release date

In a shocking battle, he faces an “Eight-Finned Demon” who does something to Ang. After the sudden shock, Ang wakes up 60 years in the future where he is a cadet who is getting his first synchronization done with the ‘cores’ of the demons.

During his synchronization, he finds out that the ‘Eight-Finned Demon’ resides within him and this starts Ang’s battle to grow stronger and not allow the Eight-Finned Demon’ to overtake his soul and body. 

Demonic Evolution Chapter 44 Release Date, Raw Scans and Archive

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Demonic Evolution Chapter 44 Release Date

Demonic Evolution chapter 44 release date is set to 12th of January 2024 in accordance with the previous chapter releases. Chapter 44 will be released globally around the globe on the specific release times given below

  • Korea (KST): Sunday, 12:00 AM KST. 
  • India (IST): Sunday, at 7:30 p.m.
  • Japan (JST): Monday, at 12:00 AM
  • Korea (KST): Monday, 12:00 AM
  • USA (EST): Sunday, at 11:00 A.M.
  • UK (GMT): Sunday, at 4:00 PM
  • Philippines (PHT): Sunday, 11:00 p.m.
  • Australia (AEST): Monday, at 1:00 AM

The Three Teachers of Ang

Tang Tang, Joel, and Da Da Jia Ao are all allies of Aang who play a significant role in his training and development.

Tang Tang:

Tang Tang is a skilled martial artist and a member of the Heavenly Guardians. She is a close friend of Lanmei and often serves as Aang’s protector. Tang Tang’s training focuses on honing Aang’s physical skills and combat techniques. She is a demanding teacher, but she is also a patient and understanding mentor.

Through her training, Aang learns to master his body and develop his reflexes. He also gains confidence in his abilities and his ability to protect those he cares about.


Joel is a skilled strategist and a member of the Heavenly Guardians. He is a pragmatist who believes in using whatever means necessary to achieve a goal. Joel’s training focuses on developing Aang’s strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

He teaches Aang to analyze situations and develop plans of action, even in the face of adversity. Through his training, Aang learns to think critically and make quick decisions under pressure. He also gains a better understanding of the political landscape and the challenges he faces in fulfilling his destiny.

Da Da Jia Ao:

Da Da Jia Ao is a powerful demon and a member of the Heavenly Guardians. He is a wise mentor who helps Aang to understand his demonic heritage and its potential. Da Da Jia Ao’s training focuses on helping Aang embrace his dual nature and use his demonic power for good. He teaches Aang to control his power and use it responsibly. Through his training, Aang comes to terms with his demonic side and learns to use it as a source of strength rather than conflict. He also gains a deeper understanding of himself and his place in the world.

Together, Tang Tang, Joel, and Da Da Jia Ao provide Aang with a well-rounded education that prepares him for the challenges he faces. Their training helps him to hone his physical and mental skills, develop his strategic thinking, and embrace his dual nature.

Recap of Chapter 43 of Demonic Evolution 

The new six talent Dylan Fan notices that Aang is targeting the quadruple-finned demon and is intrigued by the warrior’s ambition. Aang’s team seems to be in distress as they do not expect Aang to go after and hunt the quadruple-finned demon.

The team leader is concerned that Aang is going to cause more trouble for her but at the same time, she understands yet questions Aang’s ability as she knows he possesses the power to control the dead demons. She even knows that it will take all of her strength to fight against the quadruple-finned demon yet she cannot guarantee a win. 

The fight begins between Aang and the demon as Aang shows off his skills, exciting and confusing the crowd and the demon with his ability to control the dead. Dylan Fan realizes that Aang is controlling the two finned demons which he had previously killed on his way and jumps down onto the stadium killing the quadruple-finned demon in one smooth attack, as he threatens to have a match against Aang himself. 

Possible outcomes of the next Chapter

Aang would be confused by what Dylan Fan does and instead tries to avoid fighting him, in return Dylan will either attack him or humiliate him causing Aang to lose control and fight back. Post this there are multiple possibilities of how the manga could twist and turn.

Fans are requested to wait until the next chapter is released to know the possible outcome between the new six talents Dylan Fan vs The Reincarnated Greatest Warrior. 

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