Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scan and Other Details

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super is a popular franchise, and its fans look forward to each new episode. From the raw scan to the anticipated release date, this post will cover everything you need to know to prepare for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers.

Toyotaro created the Dragon Ball Super manga series and drew the accompanying illustrations. The story was adapted from Akira Toriyama’s work on the Dragon Ball series. The plot twist is based on the events of Dragon Ball Z after Majin Buu was vanquished. Goku, who is getting ready to become even more powerful, and the return of the evil Frieza are the story’s primary focuses. The manga introduces new characters and brings back some old favorites as Goku and his friends face off against brand new, formidable foes. The manga explores topics such as family, friendship, and the importance of speaking up for what’s right.

While fans of the Dragon Ball Super anime wait for the second season, it is available in its entirety in the manga. Fans of the manga are now very curious as to what the author has planned for them in the next volume of Dragon Ball Super. The manga is currently introducing a humorous slice-of-life prequel to the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. This brought back fond memories of the original Dragon Ball series for many fans.

Summary of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88, the new story arc “The Birth of the Superheroes” begins. A brief review is in order before we move on to Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90.

After Majin Buu has been vanquished, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament has come to a close, we find ourselves in Chapter 89. It’s time to meet Trunks and Goten. Maintaining a clean city is a top priority. When discussing Saiyaman X-2’s trunks, both Saiyaman X-1 and Goten will inevitably bring it up.

Trunk tries to hack into his mom’s computer in order to find out what’s on the CD he just bought. There are viruses in the system, though. His mom and sister walk in and immediately start worrying that he broke the computer again. His problem, however, is easily solved by his sister. His mom pleaded with him to send Mai to school so people wouldn’t stare. Trunks is on the ground, playing, when there is a break in the action. Dr. Hedo was obviously keeping tabs on everything, he thought. As Trunks quickly moves from place to place, Dr. Hedo can’t help but wonder if he stole his disc. Dr. Hedo monitored Trunk with the help of a mysterious individual he called Baytah and a microphone.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89, Dr. Hedo steps up his game against Trunks and Goten, continuing the Super Hero Saga. The cunning scientist has once again dispatched an android, this time calling itself Baytah, to hunt down the young Saiyans. Both Mai and Rulah like Baytah right away after he enrolls at Blue Hal High as a freshman. Naturally, Mai’s excitement over her new classmate has made Trunks envious. Like Gohan did with baseball in high school, the two boys enjoy a game of superpowered basketball.

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Dr. Hedo, upon witnessing Goten’s extraordinary power, concludes that he defeated his Alpha series androids. Goten is unimpressed by Baytah’s disguise and so they engage in battle, during which Baytah reveals his true identity as Beta No. 1. To protect his best friend, Trunks gets into a fight in front of the whole school. Alpha 1 changes into Beta No. 2, a mechanized suit that looks like the Red Ribbon Army uniforms from the original Dragon Ball. In his Saiyaman X-2 form, Goten easily takes down Beta No. 2, but Beta No. 1 manages to evade him. Dr. Hedo has decided to make stronger androids so he can defeat the superheroes.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 Spoilers

All times and dates for the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 are listed below.

Time ZoneRelease Date & Time
Pacific Standard Time7 am, Monday, February 20
Eastern Standard Time10 am, Monday, February 20
Greenwich Mean Time3 pm, Monday, February 20
Central European Time4 pm, Monday, February 20
Indian Standard Time8:30 pm, Monday, February 20
Philippine Standard Time11 pm, Monday, February 20
Japanese Standard Time12 am, Tuesday, February 21
Australia Central Standard12:30 am, Tuesday, February 21
Dragon Ball Super chapter 90 chapter release date and time

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: Spoilers

Recent manga chapters have shown readers how Trunks and Goten balance their lives as high school students and crime fighters in their community. In the previous episode, Trunks’ life revolved around her daily commute to and from school, as she battled a classmate for the attention of her crush. Despite this, there was a satisfying amount of action in this chapter, as Trunks and Goten easily defeated the enemy Android who was posing as a student. It’s unclear what measures Dr. Hedo will take to recover his misplaced disc.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90, it’s possible that Dr. Hedo’s secret plan to build the world’s best robots will be revealed. Inspired by the Saiyaman X-1 and X-2 robots, he developed the Gamma X-1 and Gamma X-2 androids for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

On the bright side, Trunks’s adventures with Goten as a neighborhood hero and his courtship of Mai will continue in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90. Perhaps as the show progresses, the focus will shift from Trunks to his friend.

Dr. Hedo will soon be captured by the kids and thrown in jail. The events of the film will then be adapted into Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: Where To Read?

For Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90, you have a choice between two online resources. However, please only use official channels and pay for legal downloads to show your support. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 will be available in its official English translation on the MangaPlus and Shonen Jump pages of the Viz Media website.