Eleceed Chapter 229: Subin’s Arc Wrap Up! Publication Date & Plot

After diving further into Subin’s grandfather’s health and bond with his granddaughter, Eleceed will eventually focus on Ji Woo’s quest. He always keeps his promise, but Ji Woo and his pals will show him a thing or two. The inner workings of Ji Woo’s universe will be laid bare in Eleceed Chapter 229. Can Subin benefit from seeing her old pals again? Any new developments in the manhwa’s plot will just add to the intrigue already present. If you want to learn more, read on!

The plot twist is the main topic of Chapter 229. At long last, Subin’s grandfather’s health will improve, and he’ll get a crash course in what friendship means to the awakeners. The chapter will also highlight Kayden’s desire and motivation to aid Subin and her grandfather. So, let’s see where this goes from here.

Eleceed Chapter 229

Eleceed Chapter 229: What Happens Next?

The storyline of the Awakeners’ Association Leader appears to be concluding in the next chapter. Basically, he’d always held the view that camaraderie among awakeners was an illusion, as no one ever pitched in to aid another in a time of need. However, Subin’s peers disproved his claims. This will convince him to alter his mind and allow Subin to spend out with her pals. At the same time, Ji Woo’s close friendship with Kartein and Kayden will become public knowledge.

Subin’s grandpa, who had been ill, has recovered and now wants to meet Ji Woo. Well, he knows now that Ji Woo isn’t typical and has a special bond with the defiant types. To that end, the leader will approach Ji Woo for assistance in consolidating the awakeners’ network. Eventually, the focus will return to Ji Woo’s training with Kayden. Consequently, he will be able to perfect his abilities.

Eleceed Chapter 229

A Quick Summary!

Ji Woo and his pal had previously talked about Wooin’s assistance in Eleceed Chapter 228. He talked his teacher into helping out Subin’s grandfather. But they found out that the great doctor couldn’t save the associate commander of the awakeners. The procedure appeared challenging and would likely only add a few years to Subin’s grandfather’s life expectancy. But it wasn’t a guarantee that it would help her grandfather get well. It seems like this news made Ji Woo sad. He hoped that maybe Kartein might assist him. But he didn’t have the nerve to seek for his aid in curing the chief.

Yet, Kayden did think of a clever strategy. He then suggested that Ji Woo take his cue and follow him. Kartein overheard Kayden say that he thought it could be difficult for him to treat Subin’s grandfather. After reading the words, Kayden motioned for Ji Woo to accompany him and revealed the bad news that Kartein was unable to cure Subin’s grandfather. Kartein was upset by this, so he slammed the door on his way to see her grandfather. Kartein, noticing his astonishment, reassured him that everything would be okay and began reading the treatment plan. Subin’s grandfather was shocked when Kayden suddenly appeared and promised to keep him safe as long as Kartein received therapy. Thankfully, it appeared that everything had worked out, and her grandfather was doing OK.

Eleceed Chapter 229

Eleceed Chapter 229: Publication Date

After finishing up with Subin and her family, the manhwa will go on to the Force arc. The next chapter of Eleceed will be released on January 20, 2023. Naver Webtoon and Kakao have pages where you may read it.