Eleceed Chapter 230: Introductory New Character! Publication Date & Plot

In the next arc, the manhwa will finally center on our hero and how he grows stronger. Jiwoo Seo did everything he could to correct Subin and her grandfather. That being said, Chapter 230 of Eleceed will see Kayden continuing his training. A new individual has entered Jiwoo’s life, though, and this complicates things further. The identity of this mystery individual remains a mystery. On the other hand, Jiwoo is now more than ever before committed to improving his physical prowess. Will he be able to get beyond all of the difficulties? To learn where, keep reading!

The Force arc will be picked up again in the next chapter. The situation is back to normal now that Subin’s grandfather has been healed, and she will eventually return home. They will all carry on with their joyful lives. However, Jiwoo must learn to live with his sorrow. Can he? We’ll have to see.

Eleceed Chapter 230

Eleceed Chapter 230: What Happens Next?

In the 230th chapter, Jiwoo Seo will once again be the main character. Subin, Kayden, and Curtain will begin training once his personal life has returned to normal. Jiwoo directs his attention within to increase his vitality. However, he is plagued by unsettling thoughts all during his training. He is embarrassed that he needs Kayden and Curtain so much that he cannot function without them. Indeed, without Kayden’s assistance, he would not have been able to save his teammates during the struggle against Force.

Now he plans to put in serious exercise to build muscle. However, he begins to experience difficulties as the mediation process progresses. Kayden advises him to concentrate on his power, even though he knows it will be his undoing in the end. That being said, Kayden will now devote his time to Jiwoo in an effort to help him learn to harness his abilities. He must complete this task before taking on Force once more.

Eleceed Chapter 230

A Quick Summary!

Subin’s grandpa was taken aback when he found out that his grandson wasn’t experiencing the same level of suffering as before (Chapter 229 of Eleceed). This excruciating ache that he had been experiencing for the past eight years had now subsided. Even though he thought Dr. Delein was the greatest healer who ever lived, he was only partially cured by him. Now that he knows he made a full recovery, he can’t believe that the Top 10 Awakeners all got along so well with him simply because Subin was Jiwoo’s buddy.

He felt obligated to Subin and her companions after what happened with Jiwoo, so he went to them to apologize. Because he thought he was the head of the Awakeners’ Association and all those youngsters would damage his granddaughter, he never treated them nicely. The circumstances, however, were unique. Subin showed up at Jiwoo’s house with refreshments and announced that she would be staying with them indefinitely. As a result of her assumptions, she and Curtain ended up at odds. Kayden enjoyed seeing all of the youngsters reunited.

Eleceed Chapter 230

Eleceed Chapter 230: Publication Date

Jiwoo appears to have some inner issues he wants to address before challenging anybody else. Additionally, another awakener will be presented in this chapter. On January 26, 2023, you may read Eleceed Chapter 230 to find out. Naver Webtoon and Kakao have pages where you may read it.