Nano Machine Chapter 141: Undercover Mission! Publication Date & Plot

Heavenly Demon does everything he can to keep the clan going strong and to make it even better. He’s trying to keep everything under control, but his team’s stress levels are rising as a result. Nano Machine Chapter 141 will be revised since he solved the riddle of the Martial School and their corruption a chapter ahead of schedule. This is because a covert operation involving Heavenly Demon is planned. Let’s watch and see how he handles his competition now.

The dispatch team’s disappearance will be the center of the following plot. During the trip, the team mysteriously vanished. But nobody has any idea where the team is or what happened to them. It is, therefore, still a mystery how Cheon will track them down. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Nano Machine Chapter 141

Nano Machine Chapter 141: What Happens Next?

We’ll learn more about Cheon and company in the 141st chapter. After a lengthy trek, the group finally made it to Apple Garden Inn. Elder Yang Dan Hwa, on the other hand, seemed taken aback by the Orthodox Sects’ presence. They’ve been avoiding those individuals, but now they’re going to eat with them. But Cheon is trying to keep an objective eye on things. His reasoning is that the absence of their dispatch crew may have been orchestrated by the Orthodox Sects.

Nonetheless, Cheon will proceed along to the Abandon Sword Valley to investigate the matter further. However, before that can happen, there’s a chance that Cheon and the others would clash with the Orthodox Sects. The Elder will try to make sense of the situation, and the dispatch crew may become clan hostages. The previous old man appears to be involved in this kidnapping.

Nano Machine Chapter 141

A Quick Summary!

Heavenly Demon admitted in Chapter 140 of Nano Machine that his adversaries were more powerful than he was, therefore he resolved to improve his martial arts talents to counter theirs. Even though he was soundly defeating them, his subordinates thought he was doing a fantastic job. Cheon said he, too, meditated at night to keep his Qi in check. Cheon’s jaw dropped as Elder Hwan showed there with the news. There was a message from an Invisible Clan member in Hubei province. The elite search squad sent out to find the Divine Doctor vanished without a trace.

The focus soon switched to the elite response squad. The group started getting close to the restricted Abandon Sword Valley ten days ago. They inquired about the suspect’s whereabouts. A short time later, the Elder realized they were being followed and rushed to their aid. But unfortunately, it wasn’t a successful move on her part. Abandon Sword Valley was where Cheon and his group went afterward. As the 4th Elder of the Heavenly Demonic Cult, Yang Dan Hwa led the group, with Cheon hiding his true nature behind a human disguise.

Nano Machine Chapter 141

Nano Machine Chapter 141: Publication Date

A closer look at the competition is coming up in the following part. Do they hope to stop him before he makes his move? On January 27, 2023, you may read Nano Machine Chapter 141 to find out more about this. It’s hosted on the Naver Webtoon and Kakao sites, respectively.