Ending of Riverdale S7 E14: A Musical Love Letter to Archie and His Fans

Episode 14 of Riverdale’s seventh season is a musical extravaganza that takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster through a maze of nostalgic alleys. The episode, titled “Archie the Musical,” featured songs written by Kevin Keller and Clay Walker, two of Archie’s pals and classmates at Riverdale High.

Archie, the show’s protagonist since the beginning, is honored throughout this musical episode.

After Kevin convinces Principal Featherhead that a musical should be performed in the school auditorium, the episode proper begins. Kevin casts his pals in the roles of Archie Andrews and his renowned sweethearts, Betty and Veronica.

However, not everyone is on board with the plan. Archie in particular is reluctant because he dislikes the spotlight.

Archie’s predicament about his life intensifies as the rehearsals continue, and he begins to doubt his past, present, and future.

Should he follow in his father’s military footsteps or pursue his musical dreams? He can’t stand contemplating such weighty issues.

His tangled attraction to Betty and Veronica only makes things more complicated. Archie is aware that despite being in committed relationships, both Jughead and Betty still feel passionately for him.But he can’t process all of the complications in his head at once!

Archie, Veronica & Betty in Riverdale 
Archie, Veronica & Betty in Riverdale

Musical numbers such as “Who is Archie Andrews?,” “The Red Circle,” “The Dark Circle,” “The Serpents,” “The Bulldogs,” “The River Vixens,” “The Core Four,” and “Riverdale Forever” are performed at the episode’s grand finale musical production, “Archie the Musical.”

As the actors take their final bows and embrace one another, the audience erupts in applause. A compilation of clips from earlier seasons is presented to demonstrate the characters’ development and growth. (Tissues? Anyone?)


The touching homage convinces Archie that he should follow his heart and create a career out of music. He also comes to the conclusion that he isn’t interested in dating one of them because he needs to focus on his profession.

The episode concludes with Archie and his pals having a loving embrace and a rousing round of applause from the audience. In honor of their relationship and time spent together in Riverdale, they all sing a final song.

“Archie the Musical” is a celebration of Archie and the other Riverdale staples that have made the show so popular.

It serves as a constant reminder that, whatever the obstacles we may face, life always finds a way.


The 2017 Netflix drama Riverdale is based on a narrative from the popular Archies Comics and follows the inhabitants of the seemingly perfect small town of the same name.

In it, a group of teenagers react to the unexpected death of one of their classmates, Jason Blossom. They figure out who killed Jason and who else is hiding something in Riverdale.

The show’s narrator and school reporter, Jughead (Cole Sprouse), operates much like its “Gossip Girl,” chronicling the characters’ lives and providing backstory for viewers.

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