Episode 3 of the Giant Beasts of Ars: Shielding the Ringbearer! Date of Publication and Outline

Episode 3 of Giant Beasts of Ars has here. Jiro was unexpectedly thrust into service with Myaa and Kumi. Myaa claims that the empire actively seeks out and kills paladins. As a result, Jiro must continue to hide. But there is still a lot of ambiguity around the global setting. Who are the clerics, and what is Kuumi’s deal? The only thing that can happen now is what is going to happen in the next episode! This concludes our coverage of the release date and plot of Episode 3 of Giant Beasts of Ars.

A brand new band of adventurers will set out on their way in the next episode of Giant Beasts of Ars. They will face challenges on their journey, however. Ars is a planet in disarray. Are our intrepid protagonists going to make it through this?


Ep 3: What Happens Next Among the Giant Beasts of Ars?

The third episode of Giant Beasts of Ars is titled “Long Rain Village.” The heroes, as the title implies, will travel to a new location. The party is unable to remain within the empire because the imperial army is actively searching for them. Furthermore, Lord Mezami, a raving lunatic, is anxiously awaiting Kuumi’s return. Even now, the definition of a cleric remains murky. But Kuumi is a case in point. Certainly, she is a unique individual. Kuumi was likewise selected by the ring of promise as its true owner.

One day, the legend goes, whomever carries the ring will stop all war and save humanity from certain destruction. All signs point to Kuumi becoming the hero in this scenario. As a result, she may expect everyone’s attention to be focused squarely on her. The group must use extreme caution as they go to an unknown location. In the meantime, Jiro will do everything in his power to safeguard her. He used to be married but divorced. He will learn from his past mistakes and not make them again. Jiro’s role in Kuumi’s mission to save the planet won’t be revealed until Ep 3.


Quick Review!

The Covenant Ritual was the name of the second episode of Giant Beasts of Ars. The plan was hatched after Jiro rescued Kuumi from the soldiers and fled to the ocean’s depths. Jiro wondered why a cleric was without a paladin protector. Kuumi, however, was hesitant to respond. Jiro’s use of Kuumi as a magical ability to shift forms was a shocking deviation from the norm. Suddenly, his hair took on a luminous quality. Working together, they were able to slay the monster that had been terrorizing the city.

Myaa, Kuumi, and Jiro met each other in a secure location the following day. Jiro started into an account of Ars’s backstory. Moreover, he elaborated on a cleric’s fearsome nature. As seen in Season 1, its miasma may destroy anyone who breathes it in. Paladins, however, enter the scene at this point. They serve as a vassal to Clerics by tapping into their power. In the meantime, the army was back out on the prowl. And so it came to pass that Jiro chose to tag along with Kuumi and Myaa on their adventure.

Giant Beasts of Ars

Giant Beasts Of Ars Episode 3: When Will It Be Released?

In other words, viewers should give this show three episodes before deciding whether or not to continue watching. It appears that the group will embark on an exciting adventure at last. As Jiro and Kuumi reveal more secrets, the plot will soon heat up. On January 21, 2023, you can watch the third episode of Giant Beasts of Ars. This page will be regularly updated, so please come back to for the latest information.