My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3: The Seduction Plan! Publication Date & Plot

Pochita’s reincarnation as a dog has lasted for several days at this point. He’s been doing tricks and wagging his tail for Karen. He may seem like a dog on the outside, but deep inside he’s still curious about what caused his rapid transition. Before his transformation into a dog, he lost his memory. When will he realize that he was destined to live a life with four legs? Read on for information on when to expect Episode 3 of My Life As Inukai’s Dog and what it will include.

Pochita, star of My Life As Inukai’s Dog, plans to use his endearing demeanor to win over Nekotani in the next installment. As much as he enjoys his time here, he misses his home and loved ones. Is he cute enough for her to fall for him? Learn more by reading on!

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3: What Happens Next?

The title of My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3 will be “Scared Neko”. The storyline will revolve around Nekotani and Pochita’s ordeal of keeping tabs on his loved ones. Since Nekotani is her next-door neighbor, she has her key. But Pochita needs a strategy to convince her. He intends to demonstrate his concern by licking her scraped kneecap. Because of his adorableness, Nekotani could try to pick her up. However, Inukai’s permission to have her steal him away remains in question.

No, it doesn’t appear to be that. This possessiveness on Inukai’s part is news to Pochita. When someone interrupts her quality time with Pochita, her eyes become fiery red. Nekotani, meantime, will try to take him from time to time just for fun. As the two ladies compete for Pochita’s love and attention, the episode is sure to be dramatic and tense. Meanwhile, Pochita will be caught between his allegiance to Inukai and his want for a family reunion. They’ll be on the edge of their seats throughout this exciting episode.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3

A Quick Summary!

Season 3, episode 3 of My Life As Inukai’s Dog is titled “Walkies.” Karen Inukai, Pochita’s owner, had been staying with him for a while. Pochita loved his new home, but he couldn’t remember his life before he was a dog. All he could recall was his bedroom before blackness descended. Pochita wanted to go back home and look into what had happened, but he was too short to open Inukai’s door. Thankfully, Inukai took him out for a stroll.

Pochita was amazed by his newfound perspective on the world, in which everything and everyone loomed above him. Being exposed like that made him uncomfortable. While Pochita was forced to keep up with Inukai’s frantic pace, the two of them made their way down a less congested side street. Inukai found it funny, but Pochita was mortified because he could see her bra and briefs. With no time to react, a ball sailed straight for Inukai, but Pochita yanked her away just in time to send them both tumbling to the ground. They managed to evade the ball, but not before Pochita’s nose got hooked in Inukai’s knickers.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3

As she thanked him for saving her life, Inukai pulled him up and reprimanded him for sniffing her panties. During their stroll, Mike Nekotani walked up to meet Inukai for a study session. Even though Pochita had been his next-door neighbor, he had never spoken with her. After transforming into a dog, Pochita intended to win over Nekotani so he could go home again. Near the end of the episode, Inukai emerged from her chamber, giving Pochita a chance to win over Nekotani.

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 3: Publication Date

Eternity as Inukai’s Pet Dog On January 20, 2023, Season 3 will premiere. HIDIVE now hosts the show for eager viewers. If you want to get the latest information, come back and see us soon.