Fantasy Isekai Series “Re:Monster” to Receive an Anime Adaptation

Re:Monster is an isekai series that focuses on a young man transported into a fantasy world to begin a new life. The story resembles other isekai like Mushoku Tensei, Overlord, or Sword Art Online. Still, in Re:Monster, the protagonist is reborn as a goblin—a very, very hungry goblin.

The series isn’t groundbreaking, but the light novel is trendy due to the RPG world setting. With its strong artwork and unique story, it’s no surprise this series is receiving an anime adaptation. Here’s everything you need to know about the series.

Kogitsune Kanekiru’s Re:Monster fantasy light novel series is getting a TV anime adaptation from Studio DEEN. A teaser trailer and visual were also released.

The 40-second teaser trailer announces the anime adaptation. There is also a narration about how monsters are evolving and becoming one of the most robust species in the new isekai world that our protagonist has reincarnated into.

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The anime also talks about how our protagonist, the lowly Goblin, will consume anything and everything to get stronger.

The anime has also received a teaser visual featuring our protagonist, Gob-Rou. He will be played by Takuya Sato of “My Healer” Fame.

Fantasy Isekai Series Re:Monster to Receive an Anime Adaptation
Re:Monster, Teaser Visual | Source: YouTube
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This new isekai focuses on Rou, our protagonist, who uses his new physical abilities and old memories to plow ahead in a world where consuming other creatures allows him to acquire their strengths and powers, forming the crux of the story.

This series is sure to be a winner, so let’s wait till we receive more information on the staff and cast details.

About Re: Monster

Re:Monster is a Japanese web novel written by Kanekiru Kogitsune and published by Alphapolis. It was later adapted into a light novel, inspiration for the manga. The manga was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment in 2016. The series has been green-lit to receive an anime adaptation.

The story focuses onKanata Tomokui was a powerful human, in his first life that is. Now that he has died, he finds himself reincarnated into the body of a newborn goblin named Rou. The only things left from his previous life are his memories and the ability to eat anything. By doing so Rou absorbs the special abilities of his food. Will this ability be enough to allow him to live in this new world where survival is king?

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