Final Debut, Cast, Key Visual, Publication Date & More for Overtake Anime!

Overtake is an anime that will be loved by fans of both formula racing and animation. Kadokawa’s original tale and fantastic cast in the Overtake anime will fascinate and surprise viewers, adding to the company’s already impressive body of work this year. It’s safe to assume that the inclusion of a homosexual couple’s love story will increase the anime’s popularity and draw in a sizable audience. When can we expect to be able to stream it? Also, can you tell me about the anime’s voice actors and other crew members? If you want to know the details and have any queries answered, read on!

One of the most well-known categories of motorsport, formula car racing features open-wheeled, single-seater vehicles. And Kadokawa has once again shocked the anime community by announcing an intriguing anime that is sure to be a smashing success: a show based on the world of formula one racing. Both Kadokawa and Troyca worked together on its development. The new film will be directed by Aoki Ei, who previously handled Fate/Zero and Aldnoah. The creators of the anime have previously worked on shows including Zero, Girls Bravo, and Wandering Son. Producer/director Ayumi Sekine, whose previous works include the IDOLiSH7 series and Technoroid Overmind, created this show.

Overtake Anime

Overtake Anime: An Original Proclamation Of Anime

Friday night at an event called Overtake!, Ei Aoki unveiled his plans to direct an animated film about a high school F4 racer. And it was streamed live on the internet. Press conference with TROYCA was broadcast live on Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel. It unveiled the name, setting, and voice actors for the anime.

The upcoming anime series, titled “OVERTAKE!,” will focus on a Formula One racing championship as its plot point. The release of a new video and a pivotal still was timed to coincide with the announcement. The fact that Anan Furuya will be lending her voice to the character Haruka Asahina is a nice bonus. Katsuyuki Konishi provides the voice for Kouya Madoka. Masakao Matsumoto will be in charge of character design.

What’s The Story About?

High school freshman Haruka races for Komaki Motors in Formula 4. She is a reserved and introverted young woman. With conviction, he declares, “I don’t need help,” and then exerts himself to the fullest to attain his objective of walking upon the platform. He is a part-time newspaper delivery worker who lives at the Komaki House. Because of a flaw in his professional manner, once-respected freelance photographer Kya has fallen on hard times and is now fighting to make ends meet.

One lucky break led to his being asked to shoot photos for a picture report. And he ends up talking to Haruka, an F4 racer. The obvious result of this is that he frequently visits the Fuji International Speedway to compose new works. After enduring a lengthy period in which he felt no emotion. As a result of what he has seen, he has a sudden outpouring of feelings. Therefore, he starts rooting for Haruka and the “Komaki Motors” junior squad so that Haruka might achieve the achievement he seeks.

Overtake Anime

Overtake Anime: Publication Date

A first promotional video and key visual were also announced, along with the show’s core cast and crew. It has been speculated that Haruka Asahina aspires to compete in Formula One. Is Formula One in his future? What roadblocks await him in the race and in life? The release date has not been officially announced, but it is expected to be released shortly. Keep checking back for further information.