Full-Length Trailer for ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ Reveals October Debut

It’s a fantasy for every clumsy head to look cool while messing up, and ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ features four protagonists living this dream.

This story follows four guys of different ages, backgrounds, and personalities with one thing in common: their clumsiness. By being clumsy, they often find themselves in embarrassing situations, but they all have different ways of dealing with them.

The manga is pretty popular due to its cute and funny themes, but since the anime has been decided, its fame has reached a new high.

To keep us busy until the October 10 debut, the ‘Play It Cool, Guys’ franchise has released a full-length trailer for its anime. The trailer also previews the anime’s opening theme song, ‘Seishun Kippu’ (Youth Ticket) by Mafumafu.

The video shows different instances of the guys being a klutz and dealing with the situation in their own way. For example, Ichikura Hayate tends to overthink and get embarrassed easily, whereas Futami Shun is the kind to act tough when he messes up.

The eldest of the group, office worker Mima Takayuki is the unaware and unaffected type who doesn’t even notice his clumsiness. Last but not least, Shiki Souma is the optimistic one who laughs it off and sometimes can’t control his habit of giggling whenever a blunder happens.

Additionally, the franchise has also revealed a new key visual featuring the four protagonists being big clumsy heads.

The broadcast starts on October 10 (Monday)!  

The TV anime “#Cool Doji Danshi” will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, AT-X, and BS11 from October 10, 2022 (Monday)!

A key visual has been released showing cool bumbling boys blundering in such a way that you can sympathize with them.


#cool bumbling boy

English Translation, Twitter Translater

Souma’s Clumsiness Revealed in New Video of ‘Play it Cool, Guys’

Since the trailer also introduces some new supporting characters, the franchise has revealed the new cast members:

CharacterCastOther Works
Asami FutamiSatomi SatouWendy (Fairy Tail)
Shiki SōtaKazuyuki OkitsuHatori Soma (Fruits Basket)
KurosakiTaku YashiroVulcan Joseph (Fire Force)
AkaiKengo TakanashiSō Hachiya (STARMYU)
KidaSeiichirō YamashitaRaiden Shuga (86)
AoyamaKōhei AmasakiNeito Monoma (My Hero Academia)
Momo MomosakiHaruka ShiraishiAsirpa (Golden Kamuy)
Akane KōnoYō TaichiHideko “Shū-chan” Yamashita (High School Fleet)

All these supporting characters are related to one or more protagonists throughout the series. For instance, Souma’s brother Souta is Mima’s coworker, and Shun’s sister Asami owns the cafe where Souma and Hayate are part-timers.

Such connections and coincidences bring these guys together and give us a story so wholesome and fun that you can’t get enough of it.

About Play It Cool, Guys

Play It Cool, Guys is a web manga series by Kotone Nata. Its serialization started in 2019, and the series will receive an anime in 2022.

Play It Cool, Guys focuses on four handsome but equally clumsy men who provide laughter through their behaviors. They try their hardest to look cool, but it’s hard to do that when they keep repeating a variety of clumsy errors every day.


Source: Play It Cool Guys Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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