‘Gods’ Game We Play’ Anime Announces 2024 Release in New Promo Video

In “God’s Game We Play”, the gods decided to spice up eternity by pitting everyone against one another in a game of wits. Success for an ordinary mortal is, of course, essentially impossible, given that these deities are unpredictable, unfair, and unfathomable.

In any case, things are bound to become interesting when a former goddess and a clever human child team up to try to win the ultimate game, and the anime’s staff just treated fans to some fresh details about the show.

Kadokawa, the company adapting Kei Sazane’s ‘God’s Game We Play’ (Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru) light novel series into an anime for Japanese television, released a new teaser trailer, visual, cast, and release date on Friday.

The quality of LIDEN movies has increased. The new preview for the anime has arrived, and it looks and sounds great.

God’s Game We Play Key Visual
God’s Game We Play Key Visual

Fay, a gamer lad who will save the world, and Leoleshea, a former Goddess, are depicted in the new anime promotional image. In terms of the revealed cast, it consists of:

CharactersCastOther Works
FayNobunaga ShimazakiTomoyasu (Golden Time)
LeolesheaAkari KitōKotoko Iwanaga (In/Spectre)

Members of the following teams will be working behind the scenes to ensure its success:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorTatsuya ShiraishiOverlord II
Series ScriptNTL
Character DesignerYoshihiro WatanabeKill la Kill
MusicGinDon’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro
StudioLIDEN FilmsCall of the Night

On the surface, ‘No Game, No Life’ and the anime ‘Gods’ Game We Play’ seem to share certain similarities. Still, it’s quite unique, and unlike many heroes, Fay doesn’t have superhuman abilities. It will be amazing to watch him and his pals take on the Gods and emerge victorious.

God’s Game We Play

Kei Sazane has written a light novel titled God’s Game We Play. Kadokawa released the first volume in January of 2021. In August of 2021, a manga adaption was released.

The show centers on a group of gods who create a game to pass the time. Former goddess Reche has picked Fey to be her gaming partner. Fey recognizes Fey’s potential despite his inexperience as a human.

God’s Game We Play centers on Fey and Reche as they accomplish their aims together.