Kadokawa Releases New “Gushing Over Magical Girls” Visual Teaser

In 2024, a new anime series called Gushing Over Magical Girls will debut. The protagonist, Hiiragi Utena, is a mage in a world where girls like her are commonplace.

She wants to be a magical girl just like every other little girl. Strange circumstances, however, lead her to join a criminal group, where she confronts her own dark, vicious nature.

A fantasy comedy anime based on Akihiro Ononaka’s Gushing Over Magical Girls manga will premiere in 2024, and a new teaser image and release year have been announced by Kadokawa. There has been no announcement regarding the show’s cast or crew.

It’s about a girl who evolves from starry-eyed admirer of magical girls to twisted dominatrix. She learns about a previously unknown facet of herself.

Since this is the tale of a girl who never intended to play the villain, the comic relief will come from her reactions to these predicaments.

While not everyone will enjoy this, it does offer a fresh perspective on the classic “magical girl” genre. Stories in which the antagonist is the main character tend to be more engaging. The future of this anime depends on where it goes from here.

Staff and cast details are currently unknown, and we await Kadokawa’s announcement of them.

Gushing over Magical Girls

Gushing over Magical Girls

Gushing over Magical Girls (Mahō Shōjo ni Akogarete, transl. I admire magical girls, and…) is written by Akihiro Ononaka, who also draws the accompanying manga. On March 29, 2019, it began serialization on Takeshobo’s Storia Dash website. Nine tankobon volumes have been published as of March 2023.

Middle schooler and magical girl fan Hiiragi Utena is our protagonist. She is approached by a doll-like person who claims to know her true identity and informs her of her innate magical abilities. The truth that she has joined the bad guys is revealed once she agrees to be recruited.

Utena, after experiencing some initial disappointment, comes to terms with her new, darker self.