Heavenly Delusion Anime: Fresh Images & Cast Info Now Available! Launch Date

Demand for the anime adaptation of Heavenly Delusion is on the rise. And people are becoming antsy to see what comes out of Production IG’s pots. When it comes to television, this studio has a track record of generating hit after hit over the past several years. Consequently, audiences have come to anticipate compelling stories from this studio. After that, we have a brand-new kind of drama in the classroom. The newest developments from the manufacturers are summarized here so you don’t have to spend too much time researching them.

Masakazu Ishiguro’s “Heavenly Delusion” is an action-packed science fiction novel. The manga was released in 2018 by Kodansha. Eight books have been published so far. The Production IG adaptation of this story is presently gaining momentum.

Heavenly Delusion Anime

Heavenly Delusion Anime: Recent Changes

Recent updates to the show’s official website have revealed the identities of several additional cast members. Two other illustrations were also released into the public domain at the same time. Sayaka Senbongi’s Kiruko joins the already impressive cast featuring Gen Sato’s Maru. Tokio is portrayed by Hibiku Yamamura. Toshiyuki Toyonaga is playing the part of Kona opposite him. Misato Fukuen, Shunsuke Takeuchi, and Yuki Shin round up the remainder of the cast.

What Is The Anime’s Plot?

The show’s official summary has been made available on most streaming services. The setting for Heavenly Delusion Anime is a fictional academic institution. To someone looking in from the outside, the school must seem like the most uninteresting place on earth. However, among the student body at this institution are some of the brightest minds everywhere. The way they are educated is preparing them for life in the modern world. Therefore, we refer to this location as “heaven.” However, everywhere else is bizarre and terrifyingly close to hell.

Here comes Maru, the main character. This youngster, who has already had the most peaceful and regular existence imaginable in the real world, longs for more of the same. Still, it’s not easy to bridge the gap between the underworld and the above world. How likely is it that he will be able to break free of his delusions?

Heavenly Delusion Anime

Heavenly Delusion Anime: Publication Date

There has been no official announcement of the ultimate release date as of this writing. However, the one fact we can confirm is that the new anime will debut in the Spring Slate. The confirmed release schedule is for April of 2023. When new information becomes available, we will make sure to update this area.