Henjin No Salad Bowl By Yomi Hirasaka To Be Adapted Into An Anime

This one might appeal to you if you enjoy comedy and themes like those in “Gintama” and “Urusei Yatsura.” Similar to these two, “Henjin no Salad Bowl,” commonly referred to as “A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics,” features aliens visiting Earth.

However, because the extraterrestrial teleports to Earth out of thin air, this falls within the reverse isekai genre. As of right now, no invasion narrative is included because the manga was first published in 2021.

Shogakukan’s Gagaga Bunko tweeted on Thursday that an anime version of the Henjin no Salad Bowl light novel series is coming. The light novel’s illustrator, Kantoku, posted a picture commemorating Sara’s birth and the announcement.

Henjin No Salad Bowl

Kantoku provided the illustrations for Yomi Hirasaka’s story “Henjin no Salad Bowl.” ‘A Sister’s All You Need’, a 2015 light book series, was the first collaboration between the two.

In the narrative, a broke investigator named Sosuke Kaburaya meets Sara, a magically gifted alien from another planet. Together, they begin living, and Sara becomes used to Japan. The cast and the release date, among other information, have not yet been made public.

The fifth volume of the light novel will be released on July 19. Since September 2022, a manga adaptation has been in production with illustrations by Kotaro Yamada.

The light books appear to be enjoyable to read and don’t follow a serious path. Like “Gintama,” it might require a few recurrent arcs in the future. Fans adored ‘A Sister’s All You Need’ by Hirasaka and Kantoku, so I anticipate that this one will be equally entertaining to watch.

About Henjin No Salad Bowl

Yomi Hirasaka and Kantoku collaborated on the light novel series A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics (Henjin no Salad Bowl). Shogakukan began serializing it in October 2021 under the name Gagaga Bunko. There are currently 5 volumes of it gathered.

Poor investigator Sosuke Kaburaya meets princess Sara Da Odin from another world who also possesses magical abilities. Sara adjusts to life in contemporary Japan as they begin to live together.