How To Fight Chapter 165: Uncovering The Truth! Publication Date & Plot

In the last section, we learned that we should “never let them know your next move.” Who knew that innocent-looking Joo Minseon was plotting to abduct Yuna all along? But our hero Park Taehoon was a good investigator and saw through her deception. Apparently, she and Joo were only pretending to be housewives. In actuality, she was well-connected within the criminal underworld. Fans, however, are left wondering how he came to this conclusion. The publication date and summary of How to Fight Chapter 165 are detailed below.

Hobin and Taehoon are set to kick some serious gangster butt in the next episode of How To Fight. Yuna has been sold by their fictitious family’s father. However, there is a wealth of information that fans will need to have before Taehon takes any action. Please read on to find out!

How To Fight Chapter 165

How To Fight Chapter 165: What Happens Next?

In How to Fight, Chapter 165, Taehoon will meet Joo Minseon face to face. The audience is on the edge of their seats waiting to learn why Joo betrayed Yuna. Chapter 164 also featured a number of incidents that occurred offstage. Taehoon kept a tight watch on everything, and he would detail what he saw for the readers. He should also check that Mom isn’t hiding anything from him. Every single person living there was keeping something from you. Is there a chance that Mom may be exposed as corrupt as well?

Hobin, meantime, will soon arrive to help Taehoon. Before it’s too late, they’ll have to track out Dad and Yuna. You may rely on Minseon to assist you. Can she earn Taehoon’s trust? But Taehoon can’t help her unless he understands the nature of her problem. He’ll make an effort to remedy the problem. Maybe they can negotiate an agreement. Finally, we get to witness the thugs take on Taehoon and Hobin, and it should be a good show.

How To Fight Chapter 165

A Quick Summary!

Taehoon faced up against the Dad in How to Fight Chapter 165. He probed them for information about who was supporting them and why. The father begged Taehoon to keep their conversation private. A large group of other Runaway Fam Dads got together regularly. But a group showed up and tormented them. They were taken as prisoners after their ears were slashed off. They were coerced into giving over all of the fugitive children by the mafia. Upon hearing this, Taehoon requested his fatherly services once more. It was clear he was up to no good and was planning something.

With the expectation that the Dad will soon meet the foreigners, Taehoon suggested that they sell him to them. If he wanted to meet the kids, this was his only option. Taehoon was invited in for tea by Minseo and Yuna when he returned to their refuge. It was suggested that he take on the role of “Dad” once more. Nonetheless, he declined. Then he inquired as to the pair’s constant company. They are a family, the girls said in response. The mother and daughter eventually reached Taehoon and came running. Both Dad and Yuna, they said, were taken captive. After Taehoon identified Minseon as the villain, the story concluded.

How To Fight Chapter 165

How To Fight Chapter 165: Publication Date

Weekly updates to the webtoon version of the manhwa. On January 14, 2023, you may read How to Fight Chapter 165. Only on the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage pages can fans read all of the chapters of the manga. In order to avoid missing any important information or spoilers, bookmark this page now.