Ouran High School Host Club Reboot Finally Returns? Publication Date

Fans of Ouran High School Host Club have been clamoring for a new volume for quite some time. In the early 2010s, the rom-com swept the anime world like no other show had before fading into obscurity. Followers have been demanding a continuation ever since it concluded. However, a new piece of artwork by artist Bisco Haruhi has gotten people talking and giving them reason to be optimistic. Fans’ hopes for a new beginning for the series are on the verge of being realized. The Ouran High School Host Club Restart might be happening right now. Here, then, are the specifics of the new start.

Prior to 2022, the franchise has already published its own musical. It was well-received, and since then, people have been demanding more. Due to Studio Bones’ inability to adapt the rest of Hatori’s manga, fans have also been begging for a return. In 2006, the series finale was shown and the chapter closed. Yet, for another four years, the manga was continuously updated. So if you want to know more, read on!

Ouran High School Host Club Reboot

Ouran High School Host Club Reboot: Public Announcement

In 2010, the manga series concluded. The focus, however, is on Haruhi in a new piece of artwork by Hatori. Fans love the artwork because it depicts the entire team united. Haruhi, wearing a full host outfit consisting of a striped vest and skirt, is positioned front and center. At addition, Tamaki is in the normal place in the background.

It looks like everyone at the host club made an effort to wear Haruhi’s favorite color (purple) to demonstrate their solidarity with her. In addition, both sets of twins are grouped together, with Kyoya scurrying behind them with a checklist. Even more so, it appears that Hatori was enticed to upload fresh artwork after a temporary café run by the Ouran High School Host Club opened in Tokyo in the fall of 2022.

Ouran High School Host Club Reboot

Will There Be Another Season?

The new artwork has been widely disseminated online, and it has only increased the number of fan petitions demanding a remake or reimagining. In order to satisfy the demands of the anime’s Twitter following, a second season has been greenlit. After the success of series like Fruit Basket, viewers are eager for a new season of Ouran High School Host Club. After only one season, the program was canceled by Studio Bones. Nonetheless, four more years of the manga were published.

Fans, however, are holding out hope that the debut of this new piece of art signals the forthcoming premiere of an additional season of the anime. To yet, Hatori has made no official statement on the series’ relaunch.

Ouran High School Host Club Reboot

Ouran High School Host Club Reboot: Publication Date

The status of a series relaunch is unknown at this time. Supporters can only hope that the show will return. Feel free to discuss a possible Ouran High School Host Club revival here.