Ijin’s Love Trouble In Chapter 124 Of Mercenary Enrollment! Launch Date

The most recent chapter to be released this week is Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 124. Ijin spent more time with his family and loved ones in the previous chapter. It was clear that he had been having feelings for Yuna. But given his background and line of work, love was a luxury he could not afford. Jiyeh and he both felt the same way. The boy claims that he was forbidden from falling in love. Does this imply that Ijin may never experience a love angle? Here’s everything you need to know about the following one!

Fans will be able to catch up with some intriguing new characters in the next plot. The current villain in the mix is 002. And he will ultimately come up with a plan to eliminate all agents. What happens next will be intriguing to witness!

Mercenary EnrollmentMercenary Enrollment Chapter 124: What Will Occur After That?

Behind the agents’ backs, 002 was the one hatching the scheme. And in the previous one, we saw that he had a lot of support for his cause. As Chapter 124 of Mercenary Enrollment begins, Ijin is going about his regular school and work schedule. He is fully unaware of the planning and scheming going on behind his back. The youngster was attacked in many of these situations without warning.

Yet this is not the time to worry about these assaults. Ijin is living life to the fullest with his loved ones at his side. So, we expect to see many filler outings for the same. Will we now witness some additional love angles? Only time will reveal the solutions.

Mercenary EnrollmentRecap Of The Prior Chapter

Yuna was shown dreaming of Ijin in the first scene of Chapter 123 of Mercenary Enrollment. She tells the lad she loves him in the scene, and he experiences the same feelings. As soon as Jiyeh called Yuna back to reality, the dream ended. Later, she queries the woman over Ijin’s status regarding his training. Yet the woman immediately dismissed the suggestion. She inquires about Ijin’s heart when they are in the automobile.

The child responds, though, by asserting that he has no right to fall in love. He was alluding to his background and the perils he had faced by stating this. We learn that Ijin visited the grocery shop to assist his sister in the second half of the chapter. A secret meeting that is going place behind our hero’s back signals the conclusion of the chapter.

Mercenary EnrollmentMercenary Enrollment Chapter 124: Launch Date

The publishers and creators have not yet disclosed any information on a break. As a result, the new chapter will be released soon. Chapter 124 of Mercenary Enrollment will be released in its entirety on February 18, 2023. Only the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage will allow fans to read the entire manga.