In Tokyo Revengers, Why Did Kisaki Consider Takemichi A Hero?

There is no shortage of people in Tokyo Revengers who are out to get Takemichi. Kisaki, one of the series’ main antagonists, has an irrational hatred towards Takemichi.

However, many supporters were perplexed when Kisaki referred to Takemichi as “his hero,” despite the fact that he despises him.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers are included on this page.

To this day, Takemichi is still revered by Kisaki as a hero for protecting a young Hinata from her tormentors. Therefore, Takemichi’s bravery endeared him to Hinata. Kisaki’s jealousy of Takemichi stemmed from the fact that he, too, had feelings for Hinata.

Kisaki’s praise, though, isn’t motivated solely by envy. To further grasp the nuance of his compliment, let’s examine the dynamic between Kisaki and Takemichi.

Takemichi, Hinata & Kisaki’s relationship

Kisaki’s animosity for Takemichi isn’t as surface-level as it appears at first glance. Since they were young, Kisaki, Hinata, and Takemichi have known each other and shared experiences.

Kisaki and Hinata were formerly classmates at the same cram school. However, because he was both timid and overly bright, his peers rejected him.

The only one who didn’t treat him any differently was Hinata. Rather, she made an effort to approach him and eventually became his buddy. Kisaki’s affections for her blossomed when he received her kindness.

Hinata compliments a lonely Kisaki
Hinata compliments a lonely Kisaki

But when he witnessed Hinata being picked on by other kids, he retreated behind a wall out of cowardice and didn’t try to intervene. Takemichi dove in after her to save her.

Because of his inability to save her, Kisaki felt intense self-loathing. He was also envious of Takemichi’s bravery for standing up to the school’s bullies.

Takemichi defends Hinata from the thugs
Takemichi defends Hinata from the thugs

When he sees that Hinata is falling for Takemichi, his envy quickly turns into a profound loathing for him. He thinks Takemichi ‘took’ Hinata from him.

What made Kisaki cry?

Through Kisaki’s history, we learned that he despises Takemichi out of jealousy. But if that’s the case, then why did Kisaki cry right before he shot his worst enemy?

Kisaki’s history should be looked at once again since it holds the key to understanding his peculiar conduct. Kisaki experienced a wide range of negative feelings, not just hatred and envy. There was more to the sensation that he was experiencing.

Kisaki had a profound admiration for Takemichi when he stood up to the bullies. Kisaki weeps as he prepares to kill Takemichi because he cannot bear to part with the “hero” he has admired his entire life.

In reality, through holding Takemichi in such high esteem, Kisaki has come to realize his own inferiority. It makes him into a guy driven by a desire to prove himself superior to his hero.

By influencing more powerful criminals like Mikey, he rises to the top of Japan’s criminal hierarchy. He tries to impress Hinata with his might, but she always rejects him. When he is repeatedly rejected by her, his obsession reaches a breaking point, and he considers murder.

Kisaki's proposition is rejected by Hinata
Kisaki’s proposition is rejected by Hinata

Will Kisaki & Takemichi reconcile?

Given Kisaki’s animosity for Takemichi, their friendship appears doomed. It’s unthinkable that they’ll be able to make up and become friends.

However, the manga’s satisfying conclusion reveals that they do eventually put their differences aside.

Finally, in the last time jump, Takemichi mends fences with Kisaki by making him his best friend and ultimately persuading him to join the Tokyo Manji Gang as its eighth founding member.

Takemichi’s decision to make Kisaki his buddy ultimately changes Kisaki and prevents him from continuing down the path of obsession and anger. Even a decade later, we see him at the wedding of Takemichi and Hinata.

Kisaki attends Hinata and Takemichi's wedding
Kisaki attends Hinata and Takemichi’s wedding

Tokyo Revengers

The manga artist Ken Wakui penned and drew Tokyo Revengers. Starting on March 1, 2017, it ran as a serial in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine until November 2022. It’s been collected into 30 tankobon volumes.

Takemichi Hanagaki is at the center of the plot after discovering that his one and only middle school ex-girlfriend was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi was thrown off of the train station after passengers learned about the event.

When he hit the ground and closed his eyes, he was prepared to die; nevertheless, when he opened them, he found himself 12 years in the past.