Is Mob Going To Get A Girlfriend In Mob Psycho 100? Who Does He Eventually Date?

Undoubtedly, Mob Psycho 100 is about spirits and espionage, as well as Mob going bonkers when his explosion scale reaches 100%. But it also deals with love in all of its guises, be they platonic or romantic.

Like any other middle schooler, Mob fantasizes about being with his crush. When it comes to getting a woman, the fact that he is one of the most powerful espers in the world is completely irrelevant.

Everyone who watches the show is aware of Mob’s devotion, which verges on obsession, for Tsubomi, his childhood sweetheart, but does he ever find love with her?


There are Mob Psycho 100 spoilers on this page.

At the end of the series, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is not with Tsubomi or has a girlfriend. Although Tsubomi rejects him, Mob’s romantic aspirations are not entirely unfulfilled because the series finale suggests that Tsubomi and Mob might eventually be together.

Does Mob Open Up To Tsubomi About His Feelings? How?

Mob Psycho 100

Having acknowledged that???% Mob realigns his emotions and embraces his true nature; Mob is a part of him as well. He gathers the confidence, takes the last sunflower from the bouquet he had purchased for Tsubomi, and goes to meet her in the park to tell her what he has always thought of her.

Tsubomi unfortunately rejects Mob, which was inevitable. She responds that she had never previously thought of him in that way. But now that Mob has accepted all of his feelings—as well as his abilities—he can be the whole Mob in front of Tsubomi and let her get to know him deeply.

Mob and Tsubomi are seen talking on the phone frequently six months after Mob’s confession and Tsubomi’s relocation to a new city in the manga epilogue and season 3 finale, suggesting that the two had started to develop a deeper friendship.

Tsubomi Enjoys Mob, Right? Will Tsubomi Eventually Join Mob?

Genuinely, Tsubomi likes Mob, but not in a romantic way. least of all, not yet. But there’s a good probability that Mob and Tsubomi will get together sooner rather than later given how their friendship develops once she graduates from high school.

Since they were young children, Tsubomi has been Mob’s friend. After Ritsu, she was the second person to witness Mob using his psychic abilities.

However, Tsubomi eventually lost interest in him and convinced Mob that his psychic abilities do not make him unique or remarkable.

The main driving force behind a lot of Mob’s choices in life is Tsubomi. He is impacted psychologically as much as physically by how she responds to him. Mob completely suppresses his skills and joins the Body Improvement Club when Tsubomi grows tired of Mob’s abilities and starts pursuing athletic boys.

Mob doesn’t quite get the attention he wants from Tsubomi, but she has always loved him.

Every middle school student believes they have one final chance to express their feelings to the most attractive girl in the school when it is revealed that Tsubomi would be leaving because she must move.

Every time Mob approaches Tsubomi, we expect her to say yes, but each time she rejects him. Naturally, this never occurs.

When Tsubomi answers the phone, Mob asks if he can speak to her the following day. Tsubomi concurs, but mostly due of how visibly shaken Mob sounded over the phone. They decide to meet at the playground they frequented as children. On his way to deliver the lovely bunch of flowers to her, Mob is struck by a car.

???% Mob awakens and assumes control of Mob’s body. He then starts a rampage across the city with the sole purpose of telling Tsubomi how he feels about her.

In Mob’s mental landscape,??% Tsubomi never treated him differently because of his abilities, and she never feared him like everyone else did, according to Mob, who claims that he was the one who had a crush on her.

???% Mob creates a physical storm, and Spice City is ordered to evacuate.

At this point, we understand how much Tsubomi loves Mob.

Mob Psycho 100

Despite the warning to evacuate the park and the impending danger the mental storm poses to her, Tsubomi won’t leave. Instead of looking for shelter since she is aware that Mob would never abandon her, she chooses to wait for Mob to approach her on a bench.

I believe Tsubomi was aware that the mob was to blame for the storm. She was one of the few that was aware of what Mob was capable of.

This demonstrates that Tsubomi actually likes Mob, albeit not in the manner he would like her to. The two might reunite for university in a few more years, though, and fall in love. Cross your fingers!

Had Mob Ever Dated Someone?

When Mob’s classmate Emi asked him out after losing a wager with her pals, it was the only time Mob had ever had a girlfriend. Mob agreed to Emi’s request, walking her to and from school for an entire week, unaware of what was happening.

Despite never being his genuine girlfriend, they shared several wonderful moments that had an impact on both Mob and Emi.

Mob Psycho 100

It gave Mob crucial experience in how to interact with and talk to girls. As for Emi, she developed a new respect for Mob as a result of her time with him. She observed his compassion, sensitivity, and bravery.

Mob intervened to stand up for Emi and her writing when her pals started making fun of her writing and tore up her manuscript.

He warned the bullies off before assisting her in gathering the fragments of her book before the wind carried them away.

However, Mob utilized his abilities to find every piece and put it back together. When Emi understood who Mob truly was, she even used him as inspiration for her subsequent literary endeavor.

Tsubomi, incidentally, saw Mob use his abilities to aid Emi. That’s when she gained a fresh perspective on Mob and his abilities.

About Mob Psycho 100

ONE is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Mob Psycho 100. It was serialized from April 2012 to December 2017 on the Ura Sunday website of Shogakukan.

Shigeo Kageyama, also known as Mob, a talented esper, is a young middle-school boy in the story Mob Psycho 100. Mob maintains his ESP under control since he is trying to lead a normal life.

But all of his abilities are unleashed when his emotions reach a level of 100%. What would Mob think as he is surrounded by fake espers, bad spirits, and unknown organizations? Which decision will he make?