Ishura Anime: Green-Lit For The Year! Plot, Publication Date & More Details

Readers of the Ishura light novel series will be pleased to hear this. They’d been anticipating the film adaptation of this underappreciated work for years. There was a great deal of anticipation for it. And now, perhaps, that hope will be realized. Kadokawa has announced all of the important details about an upcoming anime adaptation. This concludes our coverage of the release schedule and story summary for the Ishura anime.

The anime will be adapted from the same-titled light book. The debut issue debuted in September of this year. Seventh installment currently under production. Kakuyomu website is where you may find the latest LN releases.

Ishura Anime

Ishura Anime: Public Announcement!

The TV anime adaptation of Ishura was just announced. Even better, two excellent actors have been chosen to play the leading roles! Star of Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia Yuuki Kaji lends his voice to the character of Soujiro, the Willow Sword. But Yuno the Distant Talon will be performed by SSSS Gridman’s Reina Ueda, who played Akane Shinjo.

The announcement also provided fans with a first look at two images that have generated considerable interest. The fact that this is related to the Ishura light book series just adds to the excitement. 2021’s Takarajimasha’s Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! guidebook lists the LN as one of the finest in many categories chosen by fans. As far as light novel series go, it received more votes than any other in the history of the Guides. It’s safe to assume that the new anime will do well, given the fervent support of its following and the positive reviews it’s received thus far.

Ishura Anime

What Is The Anime’s Plot?

We may now rest easy knowing that the Demon King has been vanquished in Ishura Anime. The planet has recently been taken over by a group of strong demi-gods. These demi-gods can put up a good battle. They are all competing for the title of “strongest,” after all. And one of them is a master fencer who can dispatch an opponent with a single glance. One more can travel at supersonic speeds and shoot a weapon at an opponent. There is also a cunning half-god who is proficient with not one, but three unique weapons.

After that, there’s a demi-god who’s so brilliant he can make things happen with his mind alone. At long last, there is a demi-god capable of instantaneous death. This group of demi-gods is still competitive after having vanquished the Demon King; they seek to test their mettle against equally powerful foes. Each one is competing with the others to be recognized as the ultimate hero. The last showdown is coming. And it’s the one that’ll determine the ultimate victor.

Ishura Anime

Ishura Anime: Publication Date

The Ishura Anime has not yet been given a premiere date. True, production on the anime has not yet begun. However, it looks like things are going well. Therefore, the anime’s release date has been set for the fall of 2024.