Netflix’s New Policy Is Now Available in Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal

The popular streaming company Netflix continues to carry out its new policy on users exchanging passwords. While the new strategy is still in its infancy, the corporation insists it is ready for expansion and has already rolled it out in a number of other nations.

The streaming service Netflix said on Thursday that it has been investigating solutions to “the issue” in Latin America since last year. They said they were prepared to roll it out to further nations, beginning with Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal on Thursday.

Vinland Saga Season 1 Key Visual
Vinland Saga Season 1 Key Visual

In January, Netflix said they will be expanding its paid sharing to new customers. On February 5th, the new strategy was introduced as a pilot program in the countries of Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

As of the new policy’s implementation, customers will be allowed to pay an additional cost and create two other user accounts that are not located in the same physical area as the primary account (per user added). The following are the charges incurred when new accounts are set up:

  • Canada – CAD$7.99
  • New Zealand – NZD$7.99
  • Portugal – €3.99
  • Spain – €5.99

As an added bonus, subscribers may watch Netflix not just at home but also in public areas like hotels.

Netflix also includes a profile transfer option, so that users can take their queues and viewing histories with them if they decide to sign up for a new account. A new, more affordable membership option that includes ad support was introduced in November.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1 Visual
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 1 Visual

Netflix once tweeted, “Love is sharing a password” implying that it condoned the practice. The new strategy, which Netflix claims would improve their ability to invest in original content in the face of increased competition and slowing revenue growth, has been implemented.

Only time will tell if the policy ends up being helpful, but Netflix CEO Greg Peters has said that the company anticipates losing some members and will make up for the losses.