Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Publication Date, Time & Where Can You Watch Online

Information obtained by Gabimaru and company concerning the island will be used in Episode 8 of Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise to help them obtain the Elixir of Life.

Too much of the island’s history was exposed in the last episode. We discovered that Kotaku Island is actually composed of three distinct regions. Humans call this supernatural region home, but the gods call it Shinsenkyo. The wise old tree claimed he had never ventured off the island and hence knew little about the wider world.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8

Then Gabimaru questioned if there really was an Elixir of Life, and the tree said yes, but the path to get there was difficult. In order to make sure no humans ever leave this mystery island, they have to go through Tensen, a God-like being. On the island, the Elixir is known as Tan.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Publication Date

On May 20, 2023, at 7 a.m. PT, the eighth episode of Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise will be made available. The anime is one of the first of the season to premiere, and it’s been positively welcomed by viewers thus far.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Publication Date20th May 2023

Time of Global Release for Jigoku-Raku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8

The eighth episode of Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise will air at 11 p.m. Japan Standard Time. See when it will be out in your country in the table below.

Pacific Publication Time7 AM PST on Saturday, 20th May 2023
Eastern Publication Time10:00 AM EST on Saturday, 20th May 2023
Central Publication Time9:00 AM EST on Saturday, 20th May 2023
Indian Publication Time7:30 PM IST on Saturday, 20th May 2023

Where Can You Watch Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 Online?

Netflix will stream Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise in Asia and Oceania outside of China, Australia, and New Zealand, while Crunchyroll will serve North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and India.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 Summary

The brothers have made it to the island’s second level, where they encounter two Tensen members who refuse to allow the brothers through. After that, we noticed a young girl trailing behind Gabimaru and the others. Gabimaru saw the girl and pursued her, eventually learning that she is a powerful ninja with stealthy movements.

The group was assaulted by a tree monster, but Gabimaru abandoned them to go after the girl. When Gabimaru discovered her utilizing the trees, she began bawling like a baby. Sagiri comforted her, and the two soon became good friends.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8

The tree creature then demanded their return in exchange for knowledge. Then it guided them to the deserted settlement and briefed them about Kotaku, the island’s name among its former inhabitants. There’s plenty of food for it there, and it’s been there for a long time.

The island, he said, is divided into three halves. They went to the Hojo section, the Eishu section, and the Horai section, where you can find the Elixir of Life. Then we learned that Tensen have the ability to self-replicate, making them appear to be immortal.

After losing, the brothers were thrown by Tensen into a well-like structure where many individuals from the past changed into flowers after being thrown in. Soon, armed with their newfound knowledge, they plan to continue their search for the Elixir of Life.

Jigokuraku Hell’s Paradise Episode 8

Jigokuraku [Hell’s Paradise]

The complicated plot and graphic violence of this manga series have made it a phenomenon. Since its release in 2018, it has acquired a large fanbase because to the praise it has earned for its original plot, characters, and setting.

In the beginning of the story, the shogunate gives a competent ninja named Gabimaru a second chance at life. He and a band of criminals are exiled to a place they dub “Hell’s Paradise” in search of an immortality cure. Upon their arrival, they learn that the area is dangerous due to the presence of numerous creatures, demons, and formidable ninja clans. A reluctant team player at first, Gabimaru eventually grows close to his companions as they overcome adversity together.

They face a wide array of monsters and foes as they travel deeper into the island, including a troop of ninjas called the “Yamada Asaemon” who have been tasked with capturing them, and a strong demon named “Tensen” who rules over the island. Gabimaru’s turbulent past as a ninja and the reason for his confinement are also eventually revealed through flashbacks. A woman named Sagiri, who is also part of the criminal organisation, becomes romantically involved with him.

The story is well-known for its graphic violence and gore, which play a prominent role in the story’s many exciting action sequences. However, it also has layered characters, a vivid setting, and surprising story twists. The plot and character development in “Hell’s Paradise” have been acclaimed for their originality and creativity in their respective genres of ninja and samurai.