Kaina Of The Great Snow Sea Episode 5: Snow Sea Danger! Plot & Publication Date

Kaina and Ririha take an extreme risk by jumping into the Snow Sea, but their plan backfires when they are captured by the Valghians. As a result of his failure to save Ririha, Orinoga is tasked with escorting Kaina and Yaona to safety. Have Kaina and Yaona any chance of rescuing Ririha and reuniting their country? Find out when it will air and what will happen in Kaina of the Great Snow Sea Episode 5 right here!

If Ririha has what it takes to overcome huge obstacles, that will become obvious the next time she visits Kaina of the Great Snow Sea. Yaona, though, is responsible for making an attempt as well. Read on to learn everything you need to know!

Kaina Of The Great Snow Sea Episode 5

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea Episode 5: What Happens Next?

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea 5 has not yet been given a title. But the present crisis is the main emphasis. Kaina and Yaona use their air tanks to go diving in the Snow Sea in the following chapter. A troop of hazardous marine animals, however, follows them and they quickly learn that they are not alone in the ocean. The only way for Kaina and Yaona to reach the other Spire Tree is to outwit the animals. They’ll go underground and work their way up through the trees that way.

On the other hand, Kaina and Yaona will have to face off against the Valghian troops protecting Ririha. Kaina and Yaona come up with a strategy to rescue Ririha, but their task becomes more difficult when they realize that the Valghian troops aren’t the only ones protecting her. Ririha is not the only one being watched by an unknown person. Kaina, Yaona, and Ririha must overcome a perilous obstacle. They need to devise a plan to get away from the Valghian soldiers and the unknown person. Likewise, they’ll have to risk the icy waters of the Snow Sea.

Kaina Of The Great Snow Sea Episode 5

A Quick Summary!

The fourth installment of Kaina of the Great Snow Sea was titled “Conflict at the Snow Sea.” The Valghians grabbed Kaina and Ririha in the Snow Sea before Orinoga and the Atlandian cavalry could arrive. Even though Orinoga tried to rescue her, Ririha was too weak to resist the Valghian commander, so she sent Kaina away with him instead. Kaina was taken to Atland by Orinoga, who was forced to listen. Saddened by Ririha’s capture, her father still decided not to attempt another rescue.

There were already too many deaths in Atland. Kaina spent overnight with Ririha and her younger brother Yaona. Yaona informed Kaina that their father was preparing for war and was refusing to communicate with Valghia. On top of that, he mentioned that Ririha may perhaps be present at the discussions taking place on a Spire Tree in the area. Kaina devised a plan to take his oxygen tanks, descend into the Snow Sea, and make his way to the second Spire Tree by way of its roots. In an effort to be of assistance, Yaona led Kaina to a hidden passage that led to the Snow Sea.

Kaina Of The Great Snow Sea Episode 5

Kaina Of The Great Snow Sea Episode 5: Publication Date

Every Wednesday, a brand new episode will be released. Episode 5 of Kaina of the Great Snow Sea will premiere on February 8, 2023. For the time being, the newest episode is available exclusively on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned to this website for more developments.