The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: Dancing Doll! Publication Date & Spoilers

No one can scare Cid Kagenou. Fans were taken aback when they learned that Cid was terrified by his older sister. Cid is not very close to his sister, but he treats her with the respect and obedience due a younger brother. He estimates that around two-thirds of this year’s Bushin Festival has been finished. Episode 19 of The Eminence in Shadow shows, however, that he won’t have any trouble meeting the final 30% of festival objectives. His next opponent will shock not just him, but the audience as well. Here, therefore, are all the spoilers for the next show.

The older sister of Cid was not afraid to strangle him for breaking his word. Iris’s disbelief at seeing Perv at the event was shown in the prior episode. Annerose, like everyone else, is committed to doing well in the event. But Mundane’s skill to regulate his distance always wins out in the end. In addition, Iris was taken aback by Beatrix’s participation in the event. Another promise Cid made to his sister is broken. What will happen to Cid next? Find out by reading on!

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: What Happens Next?

“Dancing Doll” will be the nineteenth episode of the anime. In this episode, Mundane Mann and Princess Iris Midgar will engage in some breathtakingly fierce swordplay. On the downside, Iris has a number of scars and wounds from prior battles. A devastating defeat for her is imminent. Her previous bout in the Bushin Tournament had been a victory. It appears like Cid allowed her to win the battle on purpose.

Rose Oriana, meantime, plans to meddle in the competition. She is presently engaged in an effort to exact vengeance upon Perv Asshat by means of murder. He’s been manipulating the King of Oriana. At some point in the future, Rose will also meet Beta. She’ll also meet up with the Shadow Garden faction that belongs to her.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19

Previous Episode Summary!

“Betting on a Moment” is the title of Episode 18 of The Eminence In Shadow. When Cid doesn’t spend the summer with his older sister Claire, she starts picking on him. She presents Cid with a pair of Bushin Festival tickets. She invites him to watch her win the title of champion. As he sits among other royals, including princess Iris Midgar, he finds that his sister has granted her a VIP ticket. Iris meets Beatrix again at a later time. They exchange little burgers and polite chatter. Iris is taken aback by the appearance of Perv at the competition.

Annerose, on the other hand, is convinced that she has covered all of Mundane’s bases in her investigation. As a result, she thinks she can beat him now. Since Mundane has increased his speed, however, her studies are useless. He ultimately succeeds in vanquishing Annerose, leaving behind a trail of disturbing visual impressions. Even more unexpected to Iris was the appearance of the War Goddess Beatrix during the tournament held as part of the Bushin Festival. Together with Annerose Nichtsehen, Cid is able to accomplish 70% of the festival’s objectives. Cid concludes the episode in difficulty after breaking a commitment to his sister for the third time. Claire is now lingering outside of his abode.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 19: Publication Date

On February 8, 2023, at 10:30 p.m. JST, a new episode will premiere. A-TX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and Tokyo MX will all be airing it. HiDive is making it available to a wider audience.