Kengan Omega Chapter 194: Finding Ryuki! Publication Date

As the name suggests, Gaoh Ryuki has disappeared, and nobody knows where he is. Association members were aware of his whereabouts. But at a certain time, the signals stopped working, and nobody knew anything about the guy. The scheduled publication of Kengan Omega Chapter 194 is on schedule. In addition, the characters will speculate about his whereabouts. Everything you need to know about the next section is listed below.

This new chapter will give readers a chance to learn some exciting revelations. Perhaps these are consistent with Gaoh’s actual location. We will eventually identify the true moles within the membership.

Kengan Omega Chapter 194

Kengan Omega Chapter 194: What Happens Next?

Goah Ryuki’s status is the central mystery of the most recent installment. The man clearly felt the effects of his recent defeat. Not even Koga could save himself from defeat, as he too ultimately came in last. This allowed him to relax and enjoy the remainder of his days. But when he heard about what had happened to Ryuki, he had no choice but to return to the association’s members. Unfortunately, Katahara Retsudo has some unfortunate news to share.

He informed the group’s members that there was only one known site in Ryuki. What happened to the guy, then? At any rate, answering that issue is going to be the meat of what happens in Kengan Omega Chapter 194. The Kengan Association’s overall strategy will be fascinating to see.

Kengan Omega Chapter 194

Previous Chapter Summary!

“I’ll Be Back” was the title of Kengan Omega Chapter 193. At the beginning of the chapter, Lihito’s feelings of anger throughout the battle seemed limitless. With Koga’s help, he chose not to hurt the other, but he was still seething with triumph wrath. In a flash, Lihito had clinched the victory. That Koga was in a tight spot was obvious to everybody. Suddenly, the narrative shifts to a new setting.

Alone, Narushima Koga is enjoying some peace and quiet. When two reporters spotted him, they rushed over to speak with him. They told him that since since the battle, Ryuki has been struggling. Even summer had ended, and Ryuki still hadn’t returned. As the chapter concluded, the group gathered at the association to discuss where they could have last seen Ryuki.

Kengan Omega Chapter 193

Kengan Omega Chapter 194: Publication Date

Those anticipating the next volume of the manga will be pleased to learn that the series’ regular publication schedule has not been interrupted. This means that the next chapter will be published this week. Chapter 194 of Kengan Omega will be released on January 26, 2023. Only on Kodansha’s official pages will viewers be able to read the latest chapter.