Revenger Episode 4: Ask You Shall Receive! Publication Date

The fourth episode of Revenger has been scheduled for release this week. The previous episode laid the groundwork for several compelling storylines. At the moment, Sakata is the most sought-after fugitive in Japan. This is the most recent mission the Revengers organization has undertaken. Usui has also made it quite apparent that he has no interest in participating in this activity. To this end, he is monitoring the area closely himself. Here is the gist of the chapter without all the fluff that would otherwise slow you down.

It’s great to hear that the release of the next one isn’t being delayed. As a result, the endeavor to eliminate Sakata is at its most precarious point. In addition, only the core members are allowed to participate in the errands. Would you say that this is the best option? So, if you want to know, read on!

Revenger Episode 4

Revenger Episode 4: What Happens Next?

New episode’s final title has been announced. Now we know what to call it: “Ask, and It Will Be Given to You.” The identical dialogue will be heard at the beginning of the upcoming episode. Usui was clearly against Kurima becoming involved in any Revengers-related activities. The mission to kill Sakata is now under progress. Concerns about the aftermath of the man’s departure are at the heart of this matter.

In the next chapter, the floodgates to several difficulties will open. The gang will spare no one in order to eliminate their boss. In this way, the original plot of the anime will be able to unfold after Revenger Episode 4. In the end, the results of this new procedure will be really intriguing to witness.

Revenger Episode 4

Previous Episode Summary!

The third installment of Revenger was titled “Fortune Is Fickle and Blind.” Nio and Kurima’s excursion of Nagisaki was the first event of the episode. Usui then offers Kurima his assistance in entering Soji’s chamber. When he couldn’t find any trace of Kurima, he went to the authorities to find out where he was hiding. He was suspected of having anything to do with Hirata’s death. The official continued by informing him that the organization responsible for Sakata was actively seeking Revengers.

Soji eventually decided he wanted to be a part of the opium trafficking enterprise. Plan B was to keep the operation under wraps and out of the hands of the authorities. A new door was unlocked at the episode’s climax. Teppa tells Usui that Kurima shouldn’t be a part of the Revengers plan.

Revenger Episode 4

Revenger Episode 4: Publication Date

The latest episode has not been delayed, which is great news for fans. Therefore, the next one will be released in the following two days. As a result, January 26, 2023 will serve as the official premiere date for Revenger Episode 4. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll’s main site. As additional information becomes available, we will make sure to revise this section accordingly.