Kingdom Chapter 746 Publication Date, Spoilers & Other Details

What follows is a complete summary of Kingdom Chapter 746.


Yasuhisa Hara writes and draws an ongoing manga series called The Kingdom.

The series is set at an era in Chinese history known as the Warring States era. It began in 221 B.C. and ended in 221 B.C.

Kingdom Chapter 746

Kingdom Chapter 745: A Quick Summary

At the beginning of the last chapter, Kan Ki had just joined Ri Boku’s inner circle. Also, the Shunsuiji Army and the Gakuka Army were shown battling, with the latter considering forming a block to protect Ri Boku.

Meanwhile, Ten is said to have come to terms with the fact that the battle will soon be over. In addition, the chapter ended with Ri Boku giving Futei orders to target Kan Ki.

Kingdom Chapter 746

Kingdom Chapter 746: What Can We Expect?

We might expect to see Futei evading Koku’Ou’s strike in the next episode.

There is also the possibility that Zenou and Ba Fuu will have a showdown in this chapter. Despite his injuries, the latter will attempt to act as a buffer between Kanki and Riboku.

Meanwhile, Kan Ki and Ri Boku will engage in what seems to be a lengthy discussion. Moreover, an attempt on Kan Ki’s life is inevitable.

Kingdom Chapter 746: Publication Date

It is too soon to establish a release date for Kingdom 746. Nonetheless, we anticipate its release on February 5, 2022. Moreover, the newest chapter will be released in Japan at midnight.

Additionally, the following times and dates are set for its worldwide release:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 am
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 am
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • British Summer Time: 5 pm

Kingdom Chapter 746: Where Can You Read And How?

The Kingdom manga series is available in its original Japanese language form on the Weekly Young Jump website.

Unfortunately, there are no legitimate resources where you may read the English translations of the Kingdom.

In any case, it’s available for your perusal below.