Kingdom Chapter 747: The Crown Of the Conqueror! Release Date And Story

Riboku and Kanki get into a heated argument as the combat continues, raising the stakes. Riboku contends that giving one’s life in order to save another is the very core of combat, while Kanki mocks the idea while his soldiers retreat. A new army shows up just as Kanki is about to deliver the decisive blow, changing the course of the conflict. Will Riboku and his troops survive this or will they triumph despite all the odds? You can learn all about Kingdom Chapter 747’s release date and storyline right here!

The fate of the country is on the line in the upcoming Kingdom manga as the final fight between the two leaders gets under way. It will be interesting to observe how the war’s setting develops. Continue reading to learn more!

KingdomKingdom Chapter 747: What Will Occur After That?

The next chapter’s title has not yet been released. Riboku and Kanki are caught in a tense one-on-one duel as the fight continues. Kanki makes fun of Riboku while being self-assured in his skills. He asserts that he is the better tactician and that Riboku’s army cannot compete with his. Riboku, though, is unperturbed and keeps fighting valiantly. Shin and his army have at last reached the battleground and are now battling Kanki’s warriors.

Additionally, their appearance changes the course of the conflict and causes Kanki’s army to buckle under the combined might of Riboku and Shin’s soldiers. Kanki gives the last of his soldiers orders to concentrate all of their assaults on Shin in a last-ditch effort. He intends to kill the commander and lower the army’s morale. Riboku and Kanki continue to fight as the conflict intensifies. As the battleground quiets and the dust settles, both sides consider the price of victory and the sacrifices made by each.

KingdomA Brief Summary!

Riboku and Kanki’s army engaged in a ferocious battle as Kingdom Chapter 746 progressed. Ringyoku had to choose between defending Kanki and going after Riboku as Futei approached Kanki. When Kanki was younger and experiencing a flashback, Ringyoku decided to stand up for Kanki and sent the others to kill Riboku. Kokuou hit Futei with an arrow. However, he avoided them, and Kaine noticed that Riboku was gradually receding from Kanki’s warriors. Given how many other people’s sentiments they had stomped on to get where they were, Futei warned Ringyoku that they shouldn’t be fighting based on their emotions.

Kokuou, on the other hand, fought furiously against Futei because she was resolved to stand up for what she believed in. On the other side, Zenou and Bafuuji were also advancing, with Bafuuji vowing to put his life in danger to protect Riboku. The task of stopping Zenou was given to the Zhao cavalry. All of the Zhao warriors fought to the bitter end, only considering how to protect Riboku. When Kanki asked Riboku if his life was really worth all of this, he laughed and claimed that they were all crazy. Kingdom Chapter 747 will reveal further information.

KingdomBut Riboku thought that in battle, soldiers kill and are slain. It would be over if the commander passed away. Additionally, he thought Kanki was lacking something crucial—he had no representation. However, Riboku was to be killed, so Kanki charged towards him with his warriors. Riboku heard something as Kanki’s men charged at him and declared that Kanki would win and perish rather than himself. Riboku’s condition appeared dire as an army moved closer to him.

Kingdom Chapter 747: Date Of Publication

On February 1st, 2023, Kingdom Chapter 747 will be released, like a horse storming into combat. The manga is available on Weekly Young Jump for readers.